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I have two Apple TV's, one is connected to my home theater in my living area, and the second is upstairs in my sleeping area. My space is an open loft, so the upstairs is open to the downstairs with a balcony. I would like to stream music from my laptop to both Apple TV's at the same time, but when I do so, there is an annoying latency associated with this. Is there anyway to adjust this latency?
I ordered a replacement lamp, and just went to Amazon.com and ordered one that wasn't super cheap, but looked like an original. The vendor is called "XpertMall", and the price was $191. It came today, it looks very generic. Does anyone have an experience with this company, or this type of generic bulb? I am wondering if I should just return it... It's a spare, so it could be a while before I use the lamp...
Just lost bulb two... Around 800 hours. First lamp lasted about 1500. So much for 4000...
I use an Enttec ODE to convert Art-Net (IP based DMX-like protocol), to the actual DMX output: http://www.enttec.com/index.php?main_menu=Products&pn=70305&show=description You might be able to get the ISY to trigger a script to do the ArtNet piece. I actually haven't used that, I use the ISY-99i to turn on (power) my DMX fixtures, but control is totally separate.
I got about 1400 hours out of my 8700UB lamp, then it failed. It didn't pop, you can clearly see inside something broke though, but not the envelope. My projector was under the 2 year warranty period, Epson sent me a replacement lamp. Fortunately I had also gotten a replacement lamp as part of a rebate deal when I bought the PJ, so I have a spare (the new one they sent me) in the closet. I made a conscious decision with this projector to just use it and not worry about...
It can, but for those of us living in the city, we don't have storage for empty boxes!
Nice! I called, and they are going to replace the lamp.Is there any way to get the serial number of the unit from the menus? I didn't see it in there. My PJ is about 12 feet up in the air!
I just lost my first bulb. It had about 1400 hours on it. I had the second lamp from the purchase rebate. The projector isn't 2 years old until July. Have any of you gotten Epson to replace the lamp for these conditions?
Chiming in here... At 1159h on my original bulb, just over a year. No problems I've ever noticed, everyone who sees it is blown away by the quality. I'm not going looking for problems or I will see them every time!
As for heat, the BDI cabinets are really well designed. The bottom panel is well slotted, as are the back panels, which are removable to access the gear. I ended up buying two of these kits:http://www.coolerguys.com/840556082224.htmlAnd installing one in the center of each panel. They have thermostatic control, it seems to help keep things nice and cool.As for the subwoofer, I keep it too a minimum. A little goes a LONG way in this space. I do have neighbors on either...
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