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I prefer my home theater over the movie theater. It's more comfortable (no sticky floors), no crowds, and no fixed schedule.
Looks like the best option would be run an optical cable from TV (right next to antenna input) to the receiver. You'll have to go into setup on the receiver, select In/Out Assign then Digital Input, and assuming you are using the Game/TV selector, set that to the optical input you plugged the cable into. On your TV you'll have to go into the menu and run digital audio setup to make sure TV outputs Dolby Digital. See page 28 of your manual. If you don't have manual, you...
If your theater room has controlled light level you should be able to do just fine in low mode. You will also get longer bulb life. The lamp is run at a higher power level in 3D or standard mode to make the image brighter to respectively compensate for 3D glasses tinting or high ambient light levels.
I'm guessing you hit the 'ASPECT' button on the remote. Mine's not on right now, but I believe mine is set to Auto.
Take off the cover (two phillips screws on each side and two on back along top edge). Common failures should be vented electrolytic capacitor (black cans with aluminum top) or blown transistors (black rectangular parts on the heat sinks or with metal tabs). Since you had sparks & smoke, look for split tops on the capacitors or hole in transistors. There should be burn damage or black/gray residue near the failure. Shoot a picture of damage you see and post if you don't...
Stuff happens. I do agree, the golden age of HDTV is past. Have to do a lot more sifting to find the gems.
Interesting find. I'm no lawyer, so this is only observation/assumption on my part, but the Agreements for Sale of Station box was checked no and the Auction Authorization was checked N/A. Since the assignee is a not for profit corporation, maybe they reassigned the license to avoid racking up more licensing fees.
Anybody attempting to watch the Formula 1 race on KSDK? If you hadn't, they interrupted the entire pre-race show while they watched the storms leave the viewing area. Several laps into the race they finally picked up the feed and it's crap both OTA and DirecTV. I thought we were past all this? NBCSN will rebroadcast with pre-race at 5pm and race at 5:30. I'm hoping that's a better experience.
I did know of an exterminator that wouldn't go into the ground cover around my mother in-law's house because the exterminator was afraid of snakes. Now that was a person who needed to be in a different line of work.But seriously, D* won't service a dish that they installed? You can hold out hope, but I don't think the cable tweaks will do anything unless you had a lot of splitters.
I just posted my review of the HC7800. I was surprised that I am the only one to review it. I'd like to see the opinions of others, so please review if you can find the time. Thanks! Here's the link: http://www.avsforum.com/products/mitsubishi-hc7800d-projector-full-hd-3d-projector
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