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I somehow managed to fix the recording problem by unplugging everything and then plugging them back in. I'm on a roll.
That's how I got it to work. I was a little nervous clearing the guide but it worked. I'm starting to think my hard drive is fried. Everything I've taped since the incident doesn't work. I can hear a noise when I go to the Replay Guide and it freezes my Replay and I have to reboot it. God, I hate having to watch commercials. Everything I've taped before the incident still works fine. Weird.
Thanks, I figured it out. I changed the setup with a new number and it worked.
A pinhead drunk driver hit a pole near my house and I lost power for an hour. When the power came back on I noticed there was no information on my channel guide. It shows the channels but no info. I unplugged my Replaytv and after it booted up I reconnected it to the net (3 times) but I still have no info. Is my Replay fried?
Thanks, I emailed him.. I thought I would ask here in case someone else was curious about the answer. I went to Circuit City to get the Motorola 484095-001-00 Signal Booster but they were asking 80 bucks for it, so I ordered a new one from Amazon.com for $41.64 delivered. I'll post the results when I get it. Thanks..
That's what I was wondering. If I sent my motherboard to Mikeyboy would the tuner be replaced with the same kind of tuner or could I upgrade to a better one. Judging by your pictures there's no way in hell I would try it myself.. Thanks.. I'm off to look at signal boosters.
I guess i should get a signal booster. My problem is I'm kind of an idiot. I have 2 splitters going to my tv and am not sure which one to fix. Would anyone know if I could replace the tuner on the replaytv with a better tuner than the original?
Thanks guys. When I get the time I will run the cable box directly to the tv to see if the signal is good without going through replay. If it's still bad I will have cable come out..... after I clean the house.....
That's something I'll look into.. thanks..
I'm in Massachusetts too. If it's still a problem after I've tried a few things i will definitely send it to you. Thanks.
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