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Maybe this is obvious, but almost certainly something broke on him during the swap if the old board going back in doesn't fix things. That is the best troubleshooting step and those of us that had to give the old board back won't have that available to us
Ran into major issues with the upgrade project (they are working with me ...), so I haven't bothered them yet about the discs I sent. When people have sent in discs before how long does it usually take? I've never done it before, and I'm sure it varies, but it would be a starting point to see how long we should expect to wait. I'm not even sure that EE wasn't already in the pipeline.Speaking of that the Jaymar support issue I've been talking about isn't dead yet, but...
"Fixed" in that upcoming used to be more than 3-5 days ahead of time. But they must have snuck that change in there since I looked.
It was. Until the website is fixed a google search with D-BOX and the movie name or a search of the history of their Facebook page should give you the answer.
Wish I could confirm, as I also ordered the UK BD, but I took the opportunity to order a few other region-free BDs and all 3 of them are in the package and Frozen is missing!It wasn't enough of a hassle/expense before dealing with Disney's stupidity on this, now I get to wait even longer. Luckily its Amazon.
I have no problem with people making it as painful as possible for Lionsgate to be able to continue this practice. You can bet anything hitting Redbox in the pocket will make its way up the chain to Lionsgate one way or the other--if enough people do this. If every studio was doing it, maybe not, but since they seem to be on their own--maybe pressure helps. All of it depends on the pricing structure too. We don't really know if Lionsgate gives a discount vs. other...
Its even more than that...so what if it doesn't have, for example, HBO GO?Well, its a big deal for two reasons.No guarantee it will ever get it.Even if it gets it, will providers allow it to work? For example see DirecTV HBO GO on Roku vs. Apple TV.Its a lot worse with streaming and DRM than it ever was buying a piece of hardware and hoping it would get a new feature.
Amazing there wasn't any consistency on this. That's potentially a valuable piece of kit -- especially years from now -- and that's exactly why I wanted to keep mine. What is Sony going to do with them anyway? If some aren't taking them back, I bet Sony isn't even collecting them.
I would love to see the following tested jparker or other early adopters: 3D MKV simultaneous audio output on HDMI and optical (a NUC/HTPC will not do this without heavy hacking, but Dune, etc. will--important for D-BOX compatibility).
60 miles, do you have a tower? You might want to start your research at antennaweb.org. What made you decide to cut the cord now? Because the Fire TV doesn't do much of anything that a Roku couldn't already do. Just hope you carefully considered what you are giving up by cord cutting. Timing seems a little hype driven.
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