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I have had my 50VT25 for almost 1 year, never experienced the floating blacks
Any upgrades the Veracast coming soon, would love to see facebook added.
I just moved and it cost me $250 for them to pack my 58" tv because I didnt have the original box. Put it in the attic if you can. I saved their box incase I move again.
I've had my 2311 for a few weeks now and i get video black outs from my comcast box every so often, at first I thought it was the up conversion but I turned that off and I am still getting it. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
I bought a 50VT25 at Best Buy in the begining of December, I had scheduled delivery for the end of March when my home would be finished. I called this week to change the delivery date to next week and they told me they don't sell that TV anymore. I said but I already paid for it and you were suppose to hold it in the warehouse for me. OMG they sold my TV, WTF. They are now looking to find me one.
Replaced box now fixed.
Okay this problem has been fixed by sending a signal from the office to reset the box. Now the problem I have is I can not get 5.1 audio from the box with my optical cable I only get stero even though the channel info says 5.1.
Is anyone else having problems with the new darker remote and the DCX3400? I keep getting the remote freezing especially when in the ON Demand menu. have to press the remote buttons several times to get the highlighted option to move. Is there a fix for this? Firmware problem?
Installer said it was a problem with the new platinum remote but I programed my Harmony 880 and it has the same problems
What firmware do you have, I was just installed today and the firmware may be outdated
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