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There are responses to this question on my thread that is a few down from this one. All have said there is no audible difference between coax and digital.
I want to use the D/A converter in my receiver and want to know what the preferred method is for hooking up a CD and DVD player. Should I use the coax or digital output? Is it the same for a CD and DVD player? Does it matter? I plan on A/B'ing them both but wanted to hear some thoughts. Thanks!
I'm receiving a new receiver shortly, Sony STR-DA5000ES, and am wondering what is the best way to hook up to my Sony SCD-C222ES CD Player. Should I use the CD player's D/A converters or the Receiver's?
I've been using a Soundraftsmen Pro-Power 3 amplifier for 16 years now and it's still going strong. It is the main amplifier in my system driving my front speakers. Love the sound and there is plenty of power. It came with a handwritten certificate from the factory that shows actual power, distortion, etc. of the amp when it was built.
Isn't one of the main selling points of Tivo is having the ability to pause and replay Live TV? How do you do this if you're watching TV with another HD STB because you like the faster guide? Doesn't make sense to pay $1000 for the HD Tivo and not take advantage of one of the main benefits. Seems way overpriced for what Hughes delivered.
Has anyone upgraded to this receiver from the Sony HD300? I have the Sony now and still having problems with audio dropouts (on my 4th unit). I was hoping to upgrade to the HD Tivo once CC gets them in-stock. Any problems with audio dropouts using the digital out? Welcome any input.
I don't have a amp or pre-amp on my antenna and I consistently have audio dropouts. I don't think it is related. The flaw is with the satellite receiver.
Yeah, I'm seeing it now too... great! Let me know if someone knows where to find the remaining schedule.
Does anyone know where I can find the scheduled games that will be in HD? There was a schedule on dallasmavericks.com but I cannot find it anyomore. Also, as of 6:37 PM, there is nothing showing on Ch. 84 and nothing is showing in my guide. Supposedly the game is in HD tonight.
sonofjay, This is great news! Thank you for sharing. I placed a special order for a HD300 yesterday at CC. I'm hoping to have similar results.
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