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HD_JUNKIE and sonofjay, How are your new boxes working? Any dropouts yet? You guys have the "C" revision correct?
sonofjay, Didn't you buy yours from CC? If so, any recommendations on how I can get mine exchanged? I bought mine from CC with the extended warranty. Went by the store this weekend, but there were none in the local warehouse. Thanks!
Quote: Originally posted by gmshoemaker Yep. I'm on August build of the "A" designation and I am not receiveing dropuouts on either OTA or Directv. Oh well, we can assume that there were at least 3 different build styles, whether revision or process change, it still could provide an explanation as to why some do and some do not have dropouts. It would be nice to conclude that anyone buying a C or higher can feel safe to purchase this product. (hahaha, I...
There is a screen message on channel 84 that says due to technical difficulties, the game will not be available in HD until the 2nd half.
I concur sonofjay. I have the HD300 and a UltimateTV DirecTV receiver hooked up to the same stations and can verify if it is the broadcast or the receiver when a audio dropout occurs. I get audio dropouts on the HD300 when watching regular DirecTV channels (non-HD) such as HBO, ABC, ESPN, etc. When I get an audio dropout on the HD300, I switch to the UltimateTV receiver and rewind to the same exact point in the broadcast where the audio dropout occurred. Since I...
Thanks Fred M! I didn't know there was an alternate HDNet channel. This is a MAJOR detail that was not included in the press release. http://www.nba.com/mavericks/news/ma..._schedule.html Now I know for next time.
I wasn't able to get the game on HDNet last night. They were showing a movie instead. I kept checking throughout the game thinking they would switch over at some point. There must have been a problem with D* sending the signal to all of the proper regions. I live in the Dallas Metroplex so I should have been able to see the game on HDNet. Anyone else from Dallas that wasn't able to get the game on HDNet? Hopefully they'll get it fixed in time for the next game on...
Quote: Originally posted by Ken Ross Do you have the D* local package? If you don't that would result in the behavior you're seeing since there's no other channel 4 for it to tune to(assuming the tuning is the same as 200). If you do have the local package, then they did change the tuning. Yes, I do have the D* local package. I did eliminate the OTA local channels from my guide and only show the D* and OTA local digital channels in my guide.
One thing I noticed about the HD300 receiver this weekend, if you want to go to a OTA digital channel, for example channel 4.1, you can just enter "4" "." and then "enter" and the receiver will go to 4.1. Saves you from having to enter the extra keystroke ("1"). Not sure if it works this way on the HD200. Just thought I would share.
I had 4 audio dropouts tonight in a 1 hour period while watching a DirecTV channel (HBO Ch. 502). I did not notice any dropouts last night or tonight while watching the World Series on the OTA digital channel. I'm using the digital out to my amplifier. Definitely did not have this trouble with the HD200. I will exchange mine as soon as CC gets them back in-stock.
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