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Lol. Well DUH!! Pic #2 easy!! Wooooo.
D Bone LOLOL. If someone has read my first post above youd see i dont like the sealed sound. Oh ya. This is a bedroom so totally closed.
I wonder how the XV30 would do in my room which is 15' long x 12' wide x 8' high.
Hi. I just found out about PSA when reading a review about the Paradigm Sub One. So I'm new to PSA. Looked on ther web site and everything seems cool. I'm a Dan of subs with a port because when I've heard sealed vs port the port always sounds deeper. Not freq. just the sound itself. Kind of like in my room if I stand in the center of the room my sub sounds how it does. But I move to a corner it's deeper and sounds like a ported sub. The sealed sub in the corner to me...
Turns out it was a bad center speaker. Hooked up the front left and it was fine.
All of a sudden, I can't hear voices on some cable channels....and even though some programs audio seems fine, when it switches to a commercial, sometimes the same problem occurs for that commercial, or multiple commercials before returning to normal when the regular program comes back on. So some shows are fine...some are not. I am baffled...I went through my settings, just in case a remote button had been inadvertently hit, but I don't see any problems. The same...
If I post pics of my room could people advise me what room treatments I should get? Ill start with that before any other changes as per suggestion.
How do I research amps? If I go by looks I buy all Mac. If cost I buy Emotiva. Performance I get whichever I like the best. But I can't ab but a few which I guess is ok. But I'm not sure ill buy from my dealer anymore. Because I can't do pro tests I have to go by what I can test. And if I don't notice anything then it's based on look and cost. Because I'm OCD and other stuff I'd go for looks. I probably won't really be able to hide stuff entirely and if I could I'd still...
I might. I just don't know. My thinking is because ill always wonder. And I'm really depressed right now. But making decisions is my second hardest thing to do in my life. I'd like the XPR5 with Legacy Audio Focus HD or SE with matching center and surround. That's be sweet. But can't do That power plug thing for the amp. And then it'd be nice to have a good high end processor.
I'm not going to buy anything from Emotiva.
New Posts  All Forums: