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So have you had a chance to take a look at any NHL games on the G10? I recently purchased and returned a Sharp AQUOS LC52BD80U 52-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV with Built-In Blu-ray Player. The LCD couldn't keep up with the game at all.
I recently bought a Sharp 120hz LCD that plain sucks for watching hockey. The screen couldn't refresh fast enough to keep up with the game. Can anyone tell me if this would be a good TV for watching NHL games, and MotoGP races?
Not many (any) threads on this new LCD tv from Sharp. I had this delivered last week, and so far, so good. It's quite nice having a Blue Ray player built right in. Has anyone had the colors tuned yet? I'm looking for some settings for it.
Anyone else's cable box reading the wrong time? Minus 1 hour?
Are they really charging $40 to bring this thing out to the house??
Will the HD-DVR allow you to watch 1 channel and record another?
TNT HD - channel 281 is live!
anyone know why Raymond isn't in HDTV tonight??
I couldn't find it, that's why I asked.
What's the deal with HDNET on TWC? If hidden, how do I get to it?
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