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Which leads to the next hint/lame joke. Drumroll please Is it a moot point to ask why AVS has been kind of muted about who won? :P sorry
Thanks First time i attempt this. Perhaps it may help someone on the market for a plasma
I did not see any sliders either, just the star ratings... Which i did. Also, if there was a required slider requirement, i totally missed in from the original post with guidelines. I interpreted more like the fact that the review needed to address these thongs, not that i needed to use sliders. Not to mention, that i figured that if my review got a thumbs up from a site admin/editor, it is reasonable to assume my submission was in order. Just saying. If i am...
here is my review of the Samsung PN60F8500. http://www.avsforum.com/products/samsung-pn60f8500-60-inch-1080p-600hz-3d-smart-plasma-hdtv/reviews/4364
Thanks for the info, already went and ordered the remote. Now, if only I can figure how to get that soap opera effect working sans the stuttering
Small question. I just got my 60f8500 installed, was a geeksquad replacement for a 7000 series plasma that died after one year of use (which happened to be a replacement for another Samsung - I know, I have the worst luck). Anyways, I am one of the few that love the Soap Opera Effect of some Tvs (primarily LCDs), and I am thrilled to find out that this TV can do it as well. Yet, when I place the tv on Smooth motion control, I get the effect I like, but I also get some...
Cant wait till tomorrow morning, when ir eceive my replacement e7000 60" incher. Ill wath some stuff tongiht to comapre with the ones thats egttign replaces e8000 51". All that I ahoping for is that the LARGER screen iproves my 3D viewing enjoyment.... and what better flick to do thsi with that... THE AVENGERS Ill report over the weekend, or next week (not that anyone cares if i report or not) :P
So this darby thing, does it really works? I mean, for 260 it seems like a nice device... i jsut wonder if it ONLY jsut helps the image quaility... or would it improve also the motion effects... possibly returning my SOE effect?
Well, I already got the 7000... and since the price increase is minimal $300, thre is no need to downgrade further. I mean, the 200-250 extension of the extended warranty would have applied in all scenarios... so money wise was either go with the 51" 8000 or else spend $300 and go with 60" 7000. I jsut hope I do not notice PQ loss in a significant amount between the 7k and 8k line. P.S. what is the world is a darbee?
Ok so I finally caved in and returned my 8000 for a 7000. Dont vorry, I am not crazy.... the new TV is LARGER As some might rememebr, my old sammy 50incher died, and got the bestbuy replacement plan to step in to the rescue. Wehn I got my exchange approved, i was able to select the 7000" 51 (for an extra $100), the 8000" 51 (for an extra 400) or the the 7000 60" (for an extra 700). There were also free gifts with the Tv purchase (which applied to any of the...
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