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I can see how it would be confusing to Joe Sixpack... but it only took a couple minutes of research to figure out what it would take to watch 3D on my WD-73735: UC DLP-Link glasses and updated Arcsoft TMT. Now, I got the 3DA-1 adapter to be able to watch other sources than my HTPC, i.e. PS3 and DirecTV once I get a new HD-DVR. The starter kit is too expensive, but I guess you pay for the convenience.
Yeah, I haven't given up yet. It was just a little bit disappointing compared to the out of the ballpark homerun that watching "Despicable Me" was.
I tried the PS3 demos of Motorstorm: Pacific Rift and WipEout. Maybe I was too tired, but I found it nausiating and much more difficult then playing in 2D. I had to use my 3DA-1 adapter in order to get 3D working... but that was expected.
No issues, except I think I saw "Rainbows" for the first time. Overall, much better then expected. I had only seen two other 3D presentations before: T2 at Universal in Orlando and Avatar in the theatre. This was much better!
Yeah, I would say, if you can play regular BluRay, you should be able to play 3D, at least in checkerboard output. You will likely need HDMI 1.4a for full bandwidth 3D and sound. My TV wouldn't have any use for the additional data anyway, so checkerboard is ideal for me at this time. Get a set of cheap DLP-link or IR glasses and try it out.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bertil So can I get an ATI HD 3400 to output checkerboard 3d with TMT 3 Plat + 3d plugin to a Mitsubishi WD-73735? Thanks! A follow up for anyone taking the same path... An ATI/AMD Radeon HD 3400 is sufficient for 3D playback if the intended output is DLP 3D or checkerboard. I opted to go for the TMT 5 upgrade over the 3D plugin for TMT 3 Platinum, but they should work the same either way.
I got mine! They worked great! I watched Dispicable Me on my 73" Mitsubisi (wd-73735). I also opted for the Arcsoft Total Theater upgrade to 5.0 over the 3d plugin for 3.0 Platinum. Also, no need for a video card upgrade. My ati hd 3400 works, allbeit in DLP checkerboard mode.
Mine are out for delivery... so stay tuned...
Sweet! I just put in an order for two.
Well, I'll give it try myself before upgrading to a HD-5400 or something. From what I can tell, the checkerboard setting is in the player software (TMT), not the driver... I have yet to buy the plugin... or glasses... or a movie...
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