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Most likely you have a PID mapping issue causing the key loss . There is a "protected" range of PIDs that should never have program content on them for ProI systems - I don't recall the range offhand though - if you can't find it, let me know and I'll dig it out. I'm not a big fan of the Philips ProI TVs - they seem like a pain to me. Basically, you need to set up the chanel mapping and whatnot in PPV mode, then flip it to standalone mode. You need to call Philips and...
It won't happen for a few more years. Most providers still have plenty of boxes deployed that cannot decode h.264, so they can't move most channels there.A few exceptions:At least one provider, with OnDemand content, sends h.264 streams if the receiving box supports them. Otherwise it sends MPEG2Another provider has a channel pack they give for free, but only with whole-home DVR boxes. The reason for that is that MoCA-enabled boxes are new enough to support h.264 and...
FYI Verizon has identified the cause of this issue and it should be resolved on their side soon.
I personally prefer the PCIe as it's inside my HTPC PC, though I can understand the appeal of network tuners, I have so many InfiniTVs floating around that it's largely negated for me.
This is incorrect. This box does NOT support OCAP. It is a UDCP. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it's effectively the same class of device as a TiVo (the InfiniTV is technically an OCUR)
We've actually had an InfiniTV 6 longer than an InfiniTV 6 (my original prototype InfiniTV, which as a total of 3 PCIe cards back in 2008 or so, was 6 tuners). Signal level readings are per channel (technicaly per QAM). If two tuners are not tuned to the same QAM, they cannot be compared. If they are tuned to the same QAM, they should be very close in values (within ~1dBmV of each other).
If you haven't already, open a support ticket with us. The InfiniTV has no RF transmitter, and there is no way that it can transmit on the coaxial cable. However, Verizon does something different than other MSOs for VOD - they use MoCA out of their STBs and run the VOD video via IP.My theory right now is that teh Verizon STBs do not like the UPNP announcements from the InfiniTV, and are crashing when processing them.We've made contact with Verizon on this, but need to...
A lot of (all?) video cards can use a passive DVI-Component dongle which forces them to put out component video.
If you are using MoCA, it could be MoCA related. If not this is some sort of switch/wiring/NIC issue, or an issue with a Network Filter Driver (AV or similar)
Your CableCARD is not provisioned properly - ask Charter to re-provision it. If that fails, open a ticket with us and we will reach out to them.
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