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Sometime before Christmas someone posted a guide to open the w1070 and clean the light engine and it's mirrors. I had it bookmarked but have somehow lost it. It had a pictorial to help with dis-assembly and cleaning. The dust blobs are usually on the mirrors. Although the light engine is protected there are areas were dust can creep in. Now as well as myself there seems to be more people needing this info. So please help me find it. I have a feeling it was a link to...
Using can air move dust balls on to the mirrors, You will have to dis-assemble pj further to get to mirrors. Check further back in this thread and you should find further info. don't wipe mirrors only use air on them and be careful they are delicate and their alignment are critical, they aim light on the TI dmd Only vacuum when cleaning in the future. Good Luck Rew
No one????
Hi all, A few months back someone had posted a pictorial that showed dis-assembly of the w1070 to clean the dust out of the light engine. I had it bookmarked but have somehow lost it. Does anyone have the link? Thanks Rew
I've used them in the past but 1.08 resets all that for the correction. My pj is over a year old and started on 1.02 so I'm not new to the game. Check it out. Rew
Well folks after a week since updating my w1070 from 1.07 to 1.08 I have to say this is one of the best change I've seen since 1.06 which greatly improved HDMI sync times. 1.08 really improves color especially skin tones and picture depth. I had expected to get Calman and color meters out this weekend but honestly I not sure I want to. The picture is very pleasing as one could ever expect. I will in the near future but for now, more than acceptable. I have to say for a...
I've used Vipre antivirus for a number of years now mainly because it is efficient and works well. My .02 Rew
As to the HDMI detection speeds, 1.06 still remains the most noticeable improvement. V1.08, so far not noticeable.But on the color changes they seem very good although slight. Flesh tones seem much better and some depth improvement. Have not got out my color cal stuff yet maybe next weekend. But all in all it seems very good. Will post after.Rew
So far a slight change in color, wanted to due the upgrade before re-doing my color cal since release note say something about green."1080p greenish problem via HDMI/VGA signal."Cal is on my to due list for next weekend and wanted examine change for a little while.Rew
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