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You need an M-Card, which they probably did give you. I doubt any old cards are still around. The problem is always that your typical tech can't seem to reach the proper department at Comcast. CSR's in any other department think they are entering the card info in the right place, but they are not. I've been through this every time I switched to a new CableCARD device.Just keep after them. Try to get a supervisor and insist that someone with CableCARD knowledge help...
TiVo and Comcast have been working toward this for a long time. VOD on TiVo is now available in many areas, and recently appeared here. I did have to call Comcast because every VOD program would freeze a couple of seconds after starting. A couple of billing codes had to be changed and now it works like a charm.
I see similar behavior with the S790 and new Synology DS213j. I am streaming Apple Lossless m4a files (with the NAS transcoding boxes checked under DMA Compatability). In my case, there is a consistent 1 second dropout at the beginning of each song. I do not usually use the S790 for audio streaming because of this and also because I like to browse other albums and tracks while a song is playing --- which the S790 does not allow.Also, it can take 10 minutes or more for...
Page 41 of the manual. Basically: Contact your dealer or authorized service facility.There is also an emergency open procedure, but it is not described as working with the display you describe.
Take a look at Salamander Designs.
Same experience here, although I recently ran some color slides after watching a movie channel that had a really bright logo just to see if I could find anything. I did not. I also had my receiver GUI onscreeen while listening to some Web music for an hour. Zero IR.So I will now forget about this discussion and go back to enjoying my 55 VT50 normally.
That function can be disabled. Under the circumstances I described above, I would rather not turn the TV on and off frequently. I believe that is hard on the electronics.I want to pause content and walk away for 5 or 10 or 15 minutes without turning the TV off and on.
My new 55VT50 replaced a 10-year-old Sony plasma. The VT50 is of course an incredible improvement. But the old Sony had a nifty feature that I really miss. It had a "picture off" button on the remote. It blanked the display without powering off. So I could pause a Blu-Ray or DVR for as long as I wanted, hit "picture off", and feel comfortable that I would not damage the display. I think all flat panels should have this feature, or at least plasmas. The best I can...
Do you still have OTA turned on in the setup? I got good data for over a year from analog OTA CBS with no antenna connected to the Sony. The picture was unwatchable on that channel, but TVGOS data was good enough.
Comcast called this morning (hard to believe, I know). The Chicago cablecard issues have been resolved.
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