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I've looked at MANY burning apps to find one that was simple. Imho, burning a disc shouldn't need an 'app', it should merely be an extension of the OS. What I finally found (and bought - it's cheap) is: Explore and Burn All others just seem like un-needed bloat by comparison. Hope it helps! -PGPfan
Jay, I just wanted to say that you in no way 'let us down'. It was your hard work that enable us to have it in the first place! What sucks is the way manufacturing just doesn't "get it" regarding product potential - the 'quick, easy short term profit' is too compelling for them I guess than to take the time and effort to master a promising concept. We all new that we were early adopters, I just wish it'd been a bit more stable to have attracted more support. Same thing...
RTFM-chip? How about a WTF-post? -PGPfan
I bought my Ampro 3300 from Curt in approx. 2001 - he was GREAT to deal with! It worked flawlessly for about 5 years, then I ran into some troubles. Curt was (yet again) extremely helpful with diagnosing my issues, and swapped my bad board (don't remember which it was now) with a good one at no charge! Been running like a Rolex watch ever since. Frankly, in my opinion if you "don't" get a projector from Curt you are a fool just begging for trouble - unless you have a...
You should take a quick look at THIS post for a good idea of what Sage is capable of. It is definately the way to go in my opinion - they actually listen to their customers with very frequent updates unlike MS who will update every new OS cycle at best. -PGPfan
The first ones you linked didn't have a downloadable owners manual so I couldn't comment on them. The second link (for the NS-P270) does have a manual available and they look like they'd work fine -although a little small for my tastes. How large of a room will they go into? The third link didn't have a manual either. -PGPfan
In that screen shot, you've just mapped each drive independantly which is why it's showing that way. Create a 'Movies' directory in each drive, and copy a different file/movie into each directory. Then, map a drive to \\\\Tower\\Movies and it will show the contents of the 2 drives as if they were both in one drive. HTH, -PGPfan
terryj47, Honestly, I'd give WHS another try. I know it sucks about having to 'tear the system down' and all, but the fix I described didn't require me to tear down any hardware - just basically let the CMOS go back to factory settings. For me, WHS has been rock stable and very functional - I just 'shot myself in the foot' when I decided to change motherboards from an Nvidia chipset to a board with an AMD chipset (and the AMD board had been in a different system before...
Sounds like a card problem. Where did you get your board from? Perhaps you can get a replacement from them rather than RMA'ing it back to MSI. -PGPfan
I don't know if it will help or not, but I went thru a nearly identical issue recently when I had to rebuild my WHS (motherboard change). I could do anything from Remote Desktop, but couldn't install the connector. I nearly pulled what little hair I have left, out! The solution for me: pull the power cord, short the cmos/bios reset jumper, pulled the cmos battery out of the motherboard and let it sit empty overnight and finally installed WHS again from the ground up...
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