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A little surprised that very little information can be found on this player. Since I have a 2012 Samsung plasma and I was in want of a new player so I could watch 3D with my non-compliant receiver, I went ahead and purchased this unit because of the two HDMI out. The unit works as you would expect no problems that I've been able to identify. To my eye it doesn't look any better or worse than my PS3. It did two firmware updates after initial setup, which took about an...
I had the same problem after I changed out my wi-fi router and thought that was the problem and spent hours of trying to get it to connect. When I was setting up the TV's wifi to the new router it would only make it part of the way through (step 2 I think) and lock up. It turned up being a bad wifi dongle inside the display, they replaced the main board first and that didn't fix the problem. Its been about 4 months since the repair and all is still working.Sounds like...
I have the same thing goining on with my PN60E7000, but not with Blu-Ray. It does it only on certain channels from DTV, so Im guessing it is a source issue for me. ESPN looks great for football, but FOX and CBS not so good on fast pans. The players always look good but the people on the sidelines will become problamatic. Blu-Ray's look fantastic, DVD's are only so-so but most Primetime TV looks just fine.
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Thanks for the reply since. Since I made the intial request, my answer was provided. It is a diplay issure not a source issue.Next question: Many displays now have built in patterns for adjusting color, when compaired to the WOW it can be a few clicks different. Is this differece becasue I'm using an exteranal source thus its not being processed the same way as the internal patterns? Or perhaps the player is outputting it a little bit different?Also my display has...
I think it’s noticeable when looking at a static image, thus with real viewing habits it would be rare to see it. Also like most things with our toys if we look for something we're going to find it. I just happened to notice it when running the test pattern and it just looked like the red and blue pixels wire misaligned on each edge. I knew each pixel was made of three sub-pixels. I didn't realized that these sub-pixels were aligned in such a way that the red and blue...
I'd like to try this out on my Plasma.
In my conversation yesterday with the tech he said that a stuck pixels in the corners of the TV would not be replaced under warranity but if you had one in the middle of the display it would be replaced during warranty.
It was a test pattern from the Disney WOW disk.Blue line on the left red line on the right. After replaceing the board it is seems less evident for regular viewing, but still can see it on the test patterns from my seat.
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