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Follow up comment I do like the stars patterns that WOW uses. It makes it easier to see what you're not seeing.
Yes that's what I was looking for. So it seems that a quality set will push the blacks and the whites, but my old set is no longer capable of doing that. Can't wait for the 2012 plasmas to come out.
They both showed the problem. I also noticed how old my set is getting I can't see the 1% patterns on contrast or brightness, no matter what the levels are and I noticed I could no longer see a ramp I use to see on DVE. Still the picture looks real good considering all things. Can anyone comment with a top tier plasma set how bright and dark the sets will display from the WOW patterns.
RB got a chance to play with the brightness "problem" some more. Put HD DVE in and it worked fine. Put in the standard version in and it was okay too. Put in the DVD version in the bluray and the ramps did not show. Ah-ha it is the PS3 that was causing the problem. I ended up setting RGB Full Range from Full to Limited and the patterns showed up from DVE. They also now show with the WOW image. I just need to remember this for when I get my plasma later in the year....
RB it is the basic test patterns I'm using. It's just different for me because on DVE the have ramp patterns that I can see the difference with. When the instructions are on the screen and it shows what you are looking for I can see the ramps fully on both sides. I've never had a problems with the blacks or whites with this set. At one time after I had Avical (sp) calibrate the set it was one of the most brilliant and beautiful displays out there. So maybe the set is...
It looked right the first time I put it up but now it looks messed up. I'll try that in the near future and see what it sounds like. Or is that listen to what it sounds like. Thanks for the reply RB. On a side note I was playing with the video portion of WOW on my older RPTV and I could see but only the lightest stripe on the brightness pattern and only the darkest white on the contrast pattern. So thus I couldn't really use it for that. Its been a while since I've used....
Question on Sub placement RB. If you can't get the sub to be the same distance as the mains. Since there is no room on the side on the mains, but only in front or behind the main speaker which direction would you go? Here is a crude line drawing where xx1 and xx2 are my choices for sub placement. Currently the sub is in spot xx1 about a 12" in front of the speaker and goes out past the speaker from the wall similar to as shown below. Main speakers are towed in so they...
I was wondering the same thing.
A demo of the new interactive features. http://www.engadget.com/2012/01/11/s...tv-demo-video/
Nice find. Just reporting what I heard on the offical Samsung YouTube page.http://www.youtube.com/user/SamsungU...18/RX1cFh1nriQ Maybe they’re splitting hairs, the 2011 models were 59.06” and if they made the bezel smaller they could be 59.5” viewable and thus a 60” claim. The spokesperson also said there are four sizes, last year there were only 3 sizes so maybe they do have 60" and the source listed is incorrectly listing last years screen sizes.
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