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If they own the channel shouldn't they have some say in getting a deal done? I can't believe they let this happened, why would they sign a deal like this? I guess this just shows that it really is all about the money and who cares about the fans.
The 44 is much smaller in size as it has the power supply on the outside. It also uses a different RF frequency so the old remotes don't work in RF mode, but it does work in both IR and RF (with the new remote) at the same time. So you can use still use the old remotes but in IR only. It also has built in Wi-Fi.But the biggest difference is that the 44 has a new processor in it which makes it WAY faster then the 34 and even the 24's.
You guys need to get an HR44 Genie. They are super fast.Not on every program though.At least theirs has a STOP and PIP buttons. The RC71 remote sucks.
I just want the ability to see my NAS hard drive, but I know we'll probably never see it.
I agree. Along with, in no particular order, "Hill Street Blues", "CHiPs", "Barney Miller", "Police Woman", "SWAT", "The Streets of San Francisco" and many more I can't think of right now. My favorite is "Mission: Impossible".
Same here. I'm still using a circa 2004 Harmony 688 to control all of my devices, and it still works great.I don't like these touch remotes, I can't stand having to look down at it every time I want to push a button. And the layout of the new remote is awful, having the transport controls on the top and a press and hold for skip and replay. No thanks, I'll pass.
I guess this will be the next channel DIRECTV drops because they will no longer be showing the news.
Apple TV Gets Its Own Section in The Apple Storehttp://www.mactrast.com/2014/01/apple-tv-gets-section-apple-store-woo-hoo/
Sorry but Fallon is no Carson, nobody can replace Johnny Carson.
This is why I don't like like touch screen remotes, bad idea. I want to be able to "feel" buttons, without have to look at the remote every time.One reason I don't like iOS7, if you put your finger down too far on the screen to scroll up you bring up that "extra" screen, whatever its called.
New Posts  All Forums: