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This model is from Panasonic's flagship line, the V Series. Review - http://www.avforums.com/reviews/Panasonic-TX-P50V10-Review.html Serious Home Theater enthusiasts only. I'm upgrading to the 65VT50, and I need a good home for my calibrated 58V10. I am not looking to sell to just anyone, I'm seeking out videophiles that want a color-calibrated plasma for HDTV and Blu-Ray bliss. Gamers, this set has pretty much ZERO input lag. Gamers know that plasma is the best for...
Yeah, if you go directly from the PS3 via optical to the receiver, you cna get 5.1. When you connect from the HDTV, the HDMI sees the TV as a 2.0 source, and sends out a 2.0 PCM signal.
NetFlix only supports 2.0 on stream. Even through my Xbox on optical it's 2.0 and I use PLII to matrix it.
From my limited experience, cable boxes don't like to handshake through A/V receivers. I've always ran component video to the receiver along with optical or coax for audio. Sounds like a pain, but it's the box, not the processor. Do you have a setup where the cable box could go HDMI directly to the TV, and then run digital coax to the UMC?
It's an 8" with a passive radiator. I used to sell these at Fry's, I don't think they're very good. Easily localized, and don't dig deep at all, even their 12". I'd pass.
That's ideal. That way, total black on screen will still look blacker.
See if you can find a V10 from last year, might still be possible. Or a G10 even. Fact is, even after the rise, the shadow detail is still going to be better with Panasonic.
Do you have any light sources behind your TV? I've seen light come through the rear ventilation holes and make a couple light spots on my set when it was turned off.
it's not an issue. I have a 58V10. I know for a fact that smaller sizes have worse MLL rise than the larger panels. In a dark room, the plasmas even after 1000 hours have better black levels than LCD. In a light room, not extremely bright, you won't even notice the black levels with high-contrast content. I love my plasma, no LCD technology can touch it's color range, motion resolution, and natural look in a dark room. I game, very hardcore, at least 3-5 hours a day. No...
Most places I've worked, Monster is about 50% markup. So, yes, Monster is marked up, but the store isn't making THAT much. Just double.
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