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I'm in a similar situation and also interested. You could probably research how long it took from town agreement to 1st local subscribers over on albanyhdtv dot com. There's been some fairly in-depth threads on it there. My guess is not for a while, and probably not up near me by Glendaal Elementary for a long while. But I could be totally wrong on that.
Added the Verizon FiOS lineup to the first post in this thread. Thanks to Skaggs (AlbanyHDTV) for the data.
Ineresting. Is this a "Grandfather" situation, or can new applicants achieve the right to start-up in analog, albeit low-power?
Analog 15 (WNYA) is considered the "Analog Nightlight" in our market. In the event of some sort of emergency or catastrophe it was proposed that one station in each market would remain on-air in analog for a certain period of time beyond the official "Analog Shutoff."
Channel Listing in first post of this thread updated. Thanks for the heads up everyone.
I just sold mine on eBay a few months ago... after 3 years of use, it sold for twice what I originally paid for the item new. Bought New at Tweeters in Guilderland for $250. Sold Used on eBay for $499. Apparently the Tivo lawsuits have convinced many manufacturers to not offer these types of products anymore.
Let them eat cake.
Ebo, I consider you a respected and valued user on this forum, but I think that's a ridiculous notion. Specifically, what receiver/display combo cannot stretch a 4:3 image? If you are talking about people with Digital OTA using a 4:3 TV, hey, it's late 2009, it's time to get a new TV. If you've figured out digital OTA reception and initial setup of a digital tv, I think you will be smart enough to fix the aspect. I have learned that WRGB would also prefer to deliver an...
This is a good move on WRGB's part while they work towards a long-term solution. Thanks Guys! Now I can at least view the programming in my office. Small suggestion: 16x9 Anamorphic if possible.
First post in this thread changed (finally) to include TWC's most recent HD Lineup changes.
New Posts  All Forums: