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FWIW, I see no problem with placing solid state electronics on a sub other than the possibility the vibrations could loosen a solder connection or otherwise shorten its lifespan. Microphonics or whatever catchy term is en vogue these days is either bunk or a non issue... take your pick.
Or equating cost with quality. Almost forgot that. DEFINITELY a true audiophile notion.
And an expensive toy, for what it is. Equating peak power with quality for a sub must be a true audiophile notion.
I'd never own either of those. But if I did, being modest subs, I wouldn't hesitate to sit my audiophile receiver on it.
Interesting. You really haven't said much of anything yet.
Since I sit in the brass section, probably been a while since I encountered that setup. Some recording engineers do try to place you in the performance rather than the audience. Not my cup of tea though. When I'm listening, I want o be in the audience just like anyone else. Now your turn... when was he last time you heard a symphony perform in a venue with no reflective walls? Been six years for me personally.If you are hearing flutes behind you, you either have the...
Last time I went to the symphony, there were more than two instruments playing on stage.That number of sources (speakers) should match the number of our ears has nothing to do with what is natural, and everything to do with the way audio technology developed and the early limitations of that technology.That being said, if you like two channels that's the way you should listen to music. Recurring theme here.
Lets not pretend that someone who thinks tone controls are necessarily bad is a true audiophile. Audio snob is I think a more accurate term.
Another way of looking at this is simply a choice of which parameters are most important to a designer and the resultant optimization (hopefully) of those choices. AFAIK, you can't optimize all possible performance characteristics simultaneously. High efficiency drivers and/or speaker design is one such example, being both a design choice and performance characteristic. ie, sometimes it is the driving choice in system design, sometimes it follows naturally from other...
I actually find the opposite to be closer to the truth. That is, people who make statements such as the above tend to be audio snobs who only think they know fine audio but are far from it. Very 20th century view of audio. On the other hand, someone a bit more educated and sophisticated, who actually understands what is happening, knows that eq is a vital component of any high performing audio system. Tone controls are just the simplest form of eq, and often work quite...
New Posts  All Forums: