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That they heard a difference, but it likely wasn't because of audible differences in the two pieces of gear. This is what the above data would support, nothing more or less.
One of the Wilson "tech" videos posted in this thread is a great example. David Wilson describes "memorizing" the sound of a space, then imagining what kind of shape would support production of that sound. ?? He goes on in detail to describe making adjustments to both CAD and clay models of the speaker enclosure as the first step in designing a new loudspeaker, and when he has the shape 'just right' (based on what, exactly? Oh... I know...), only then are actual...
??I was simply responding to your claim that if some esoteric amp had 1 watt SNR of 90dB, then it "basically can't be done."Simple question, is it that you don't believe the published specs? That's fine if you don't, but it's your problem and you'll have to find independent third party "graphs" that satisfy yourself and meet your criteria, now at 115 not >90 (still talking about 1 watt???).But if you're willing to trust published "cooked books" then Emotiva offers several...
Added a list to my sig.
IMO, the Dayton's look better, are cheaper, and will sound just as good. Not a bad choice if you don't want to make your own cables, they will be visible in your room, and you want something that is finished off better than plain bare wire. If you're in the diy mood, you can always just order bulk wire from PE or monoprice or your local hardware store (whichever is cheaper when accounting for tax and shipping for the amount you need), connectors and/or wire...
In the esoteric audio world, price is hardly a guarantee of quality. In fact, the higher the price the closer I'd check actual performance.Many amps have published snr of mid 90's at 1 watt. Is it that you don't believe them?
My reading comprehension must be slipping. In any case, I'm not trying to "win" anything, just help people and I'm honestly not sure if I've done that or not.
If you believe the perpetuation of myths that have cost uninformed consumers countless thousands upon thousands and robbed them of funds which could have been used to make audible system improvements, and the publication and heavy advertisement of pseudoscience that confuses the uneducated and promotes a state of "unknowable complexity" that prohibits real learning, understanding, and application of knowledge by the masses is "forward movement of the industry..." then it...
You think I'm going to answer any of your questions after stating you were intentionally trolling? Was calling me a bigot part of your act?Some behaviors are never acceptable, regardless the supposed justification.
Please tell me you are joking?
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