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I do agree with "sdurani" here on it is hard to be surrounded by sound, with just two speakers.
I disagree with "sdurani" as far as in-walling a subwoofer.
Well, sdurani, it appears we are not the friends, we once were. You asked me to send you pix of my Evergreen home and theater, I did. But, you always were a know-it-all. At least, you admit that IMAX Theater use more then five speakers, with their height speaker and sixteen 12" subs. And, I am not paranoid, bro. I was just trying to re-kindle a friendship, I thought we had since 2003. Now I know what you are all about. Enjoy your soundbar, lol.
I agree. Height, or Dolby Atmos channels is the answer.
Throw them in the corners, like IMAX.
 Very nice, you are using JL subs now. I was wondering what you thought about JL and if you would go with them sometime. Have you seen Ken Kreisels new generation of subs? http://www.kreiselsound.com/ Aspirin not included. DXD-12012 QUATTRO-QUATTRO $47995 32, twelve inch drivers. 12000+ Continuous RMS watts True Peak Power** 24,000-35,200 watts QUATTRO Four stacks of the QUATTRO WEIGHT 1289.6 lbs/585 kg
Thanks, brother, I will. One thing I remember was when you turned your three Aerial Acoustics subs OFF, but the theater still had kick ass, in your chest pounding bass. Then, you fire up the three subs and it was even more righteous. Good seeing you again, brother.
I see a lot more then 5 speaker cabinets in this IMAX. LA Imax Theatrer must suck. The fact presented here, is even if Imax is processed with only the 6.1, it has a lot more cabinets an drivers then 5 speakers. Case closed.
http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_many_speakers_are_in_an_imax_theater?#slide=2"Technically, brother, it depends on WHICH Imax Theatrer you patron. This one has: "After the equalization, the signal is sent to the power amplifiers. The amps deliver more than 2000 watts per channel. The entire system is more than 15000 watts. The six audio channels are fed to a 4-way JBL speaker array. Every section is equipped with JBL models no: 2404 H (Ultra-High Frequency), 2445 J (Wide...
After all these years, my brother you are still trying to prove me wrong, publicly, lol. How have you been bro? Well, IMAX Theater speaker cabinets have lots of speakers. I know they use sixteen twelve inch subwoofers, in four huge 5th Order cabinets. That is a lot more then "five speakers!".  
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