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I think your problem is in this step. How does the original video look before you re-encode it?
If you're recording direct from the QAM stream you should have MPEG2 video muxed with PCM audio in the container of your choice. How is it getting to DivX?
Since it's digital you either get it or you don't. (well, for the most part - you'd have obvious breakups if it was a signal problem, not graininess)Assuming the encoded video is good have you tried with a different decoder (perhaps using VLC or MPC-HC's internal decoders) on your computer? It is possible that the problem is there.What is your color depth setting on your display? It should be 24 or 32-bit to prevent dithering which could also be an explanation.
That may explain a lot, not just the handling of WPSU.
How serious are you about it?http://www.multidyne.com/productlist.cfm?CategoryID=83 or HDHomeRun + 100 Mbps optical or RF link Where there's a will there's a way.
The problem really is that the 1's shoot out of the antenna like little arrows and fly right over the mountains and into the valleys but the 0's are kind of fat and round and tend to bounce around a lot and rarely bounce into the valley. also heard as - The problem appears to be a kink in the network cable... All the zeros can squeeze through but the ones just get stuck.
Whatever WJAC is doing I'll give them credit for going to a 16:9 format for news. It looks nice and a lot of people won't be able to tell the difference between HD and upconverted 480p. A lot of bang for the buck.
Yes, these things will happen in a small world.
There was a post from someone who purports to be involved with Comcast who stated this on dslreports. Also reports that 860 MHz systems in our area will see 20+ new HDs on 1/26, also. Not sure of the veracity of the statements but we'll know in three weeks.
Such an event would bode *very* well for my tailgating plans. Will be nice to have locals, even if in SD, without having to screw around a lot. I've found that the 5 LNB Slimline dish is not appreciably more difficult to aim than the Phase III was. Last year we had a single dish which I could just about point blind. (And funnily enough on one occasion just stuck it up then let someone else hook up the rest. When I asked if they were ready to point they said it was working...
New Posts  All Forums: