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Nexstar's history makes D&E's immediate carriage very curious then. Did D&E agree to pony up even though they don't really push HD or did Nexstar let them have it knowing they don't make any money from passing HD through. As to other stations in the market, WJAC is effectively owned by Cox and WATM/WWCP already are operated by one group. Not much room to establish further agreements but I don't think I'd be very surprised if it did happen.
It had been some time since I tried to watch WJAC with my receiver on digital input from the DVR but it appears that WJAC is passing DD5.1 now. I apologize to WJAC for stating that WTAJ was the first commercial broadcaster in the market to pass DD5.1, although I have no idea when they started to but it is GOOD news.
It would be nice to have clear chapter and verse from the FCC but the closest argument I have seen so far is basically a round-about argument that because HD locals can be carried pursuant to some statute and another statute requires that programming to be available to even the most basic subscriber. I posted about it earlier in this thread when the discussion about ABB encrypting them came up. I would guess that we will see some guidance from the FCC about this next year...
I got the same bounce message and it looked like a permanent error (5.0.0, generic, but postfix reports mail loop on the forwarding) to me but then I got a reply from their engineer to whom the message apparently was forwarded. I don't believe I've run into a mail server that reports 5xx errors and delivers the message anyway unless there's some sort of procmail script to duplicate the message in the middle.
Have you noticed what WWCP is doing? I am under the impression the FOX splicer allows local graphics to be upconverted and inserted into the HD stream so that things like local bugs, etc. could pass without having to force the stream back to SD upconvert. I realize it is ad revenue that pays for it, I just think it is interesting to see all the places people are coming up with to put ads. I'm surprised someone hasn't started putting ads on TP in public restrooms.
Disasters, bad storms/weather, and bad news are all profitable for TV stations. Did you notice every station now has ads along with the crawler? Any reason they have to get it on the screen is good enough for them, to hell with your HD.
Someone has reported above that WYOU-HD, the CBS from Scranton, is on the Comcast system and I have checked and found it as well at 109.5. What exactly Comcast's plans are isn't know but I would imagine we would see WTAJ on the system in the next few days, certainly before the Superbowl. Perhaps WYOU is merely a placeholder for testing realigned channels? Perhaps it was a fallback plan for Comcast to get any CBS in HD. But considering that it came up on a Friday night at...
My understanding is that ABB encrypts the local channels as at least KDKA-DT is considered to be a "premium" service and was more or less how they got away with passing it without signing an agreement with WTAJ. I would be nearly certain that they are using QAM256 to pass the streams on the cable but since they are encrypted your TV won't pick them up. I have a QAM tuner card and scans of Comcast bring up many encrypted streams but the music channels, VOD, and local HDTV...
Hey guys I exchanged email with the engineer from WTAJ and he stated that they are in fact passing DD5.1 and they do not plan to add any subschannels. Looks like we're going to be lucky and get full bit rate 1080i.
ATTENTION ALL POSTERS/VIEWERS I want to try to keep the first post a good summary of what is available in the market and where/how. To do this I need *YOUR* help. Where possible please provide channel numbers/frequencies of HD streams on your cable company and who your cable company is. Please look over the first post for errors if you have the time. It will be updated over the weekend to account for WTAJ's move to HD so please ignore those entries for the next...
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