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I agree. All I'm looking for is a quick review of the AV quality of the PS3 as a blu-ray player -- but after skimming through 93 pages or so (the first 20 of which are all pre-release rumors and hearsay), I still havn't stumbled across that review. Maybe it's in there, but you just start looking at every 3rd or 4th (or 10th) page after a while. Maybe it's time for the "2nd of only 2" thread...... Or at least another sticky to some good reviews of this thing.....
You guys are funny! Just watch some TV. Did y'all break in your CRT's too?
Try googling "toslink splitter". When I did, the top one on the list was a bargain at $6.00. A much better value than that $15 switch! Seems to me that it must be a prism with 3 Toslink connectors glued to it. So long as you get any reasonable signal to pass through it, there should be no significant signal degradation using it. For $6, you don't have much risk finding out for yourself.
You could get an RF universal remote. Radio Shack used to sell a great one, the 15-2117, but it's been discontinued and they don't seem to sell them anymore. I found something similar, the Universal URC-200, on ebay (search "universal remote rf"). Check out the remotes forum. Try to find "The Robman" over there, he is the remote guru (and he could probably sell you a nice inexpensive RF remote).
Relax, you've bought yourself a very nice TV. The buyers remorse will pass after your first HD game!
Quote: Originally Posted by mark_1080p Hi, cband - 1. The neutral wire is connected to ground in the breaker box. 2. It is therefore at ground potential all the time. 3. You should not get shocked unless the neutral connection to ground is broken. 4. Electrons will flow from ground through the neutral wire and back at 60 hz. 5. Neutral is used to connect to ground so ground can supply or sink electrons. 6. Reactive power is not "used" in the sense...
semi's method is better than cnet's.
If you're HD channels look good, then any PQ problems you have are obviously NOT due to the performance of your cables!!!
Check out the plasma forum, there's a bunch of threads on this topic. One of the best ideas I heard in there was to take a board, slice it lengthwise but with the saw blade at a 45-degree angle. Mount one half to the wall, and the other to the TV. Then you just set the TV on the wall. Some other fancier ideas are proposed there too.
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