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Count me in, I'm looking foward to it,
It sure does not look any thing like the UMC-1 when Lonnie, big Dan, and Nick were showing it to me thur, morning at the control 4 booth, lonnie did say the amp was using the XPR 7 board, the pmc-1 looked to be 3 times the size of a umc-1
Im surprised Lonnie has time to put on his glasses, it seems like every day thay are wanting to release something new, there is no way quality and communication is not going to suffer,
Just something about Tubes done Right best sound I heard at this years CES was the Wilson Maxx 3 Lamm ml-3 setup in 35-109 Spent 20 minutes front and center , an orgasm to the eardrum, with 2% THD at a whopping 32 watts, rms, Just crazy how wonderful that sound was,
?? so has any one yet heard this speaker, ??
MUPI: all you need is a scope to read the output, If I had a UMC-1 here I would messure for you,
I'll be there, Looking forward to the gathering
Toe: Click on the Projector People block on the top of page [Orange one] they have em,
Looking thru the layout of the upcoming CES I noticed that DTS is back at N240 again however no mention on the description page as to who was providing the proj Last year Crystal View had their 9in CRT, Did a search for Crystal View and nothing found ?? will this be the first year without a CRT??
Visualapex should have the 78, there banner is on top of the page a great place to buy from.
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