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Amblix, have you ever painted an entire screen with the duplicolor ultra silver yet? any pics? how is the viewing cone? I have a LCD projector and the lamp is starting to get dim and I'm looking for a cheap easy way to get some gain.
I got my RG-6 from Home Depot. I don't remember the price but it was less than Radio Shack. However I did get the adapters from the Shack.
Well DVGuy as the previouis poster said - it does what I want it to do. The quality of the recording is very good. The interface is kludgy nad not at all intuitive. The "freeware" schedule only goes 2 days into the future. Some people have complained of problems when trying to use with cable tuner or satellite tuner. I use neither so I can not comment. I think it's worth $230 if you realize it's not a Tivo, but a good "digital VCR". I got it because I thought...
Panasonic 300U with ~1300 hours in low power and high fan. Noticable loss of brightness.
Well I power cycled it by unplugging the AC and that fixed the problem. Strange.
I just purchased a new RCA DRS-7000N PVR at circuit city for $230. I thought it was a good deal.. HOWEVER....when I flip the switch on the back of the unit to PROGRESSIVE ON I get no signal to my Panny 300U. Flip it to PROGRESSIVE OFF and I get a 525I signal. When I connect the same cables to my old dvd player in progressive mode I get a signal. So I'm pretty sure it's not the cables or PJ. Any ideas? Defective unit or could it be some "user error"?
Has anyone had a lamp "go out" on a 300U yet? If so how many hours did it have on it?
My Panasonic 300U's fan seems to have developed a rattle upon startup. (At least I think it's the fan) The rattle stops after 15-20 seconds. The ph has around 300 hours on it. Has anyone else had the same problem or does anyone else have any info on a similar problem?
I have something similar to what you are describing now and it is probably too shiny. However if it is you can always paint it with eggshell bright white paint.
I had been showing the image from my 300U on a piece of the bright white tileboard from Lowes. I was going to paint it eggshell white because of the terrible hotspotting. I also have a 1970's era pull down surplus screen that I don't use because of the waves. Anyway I ran across a local mom and pop hardware store that sells the Polywall material so I picked up a piece. In comparing the Lowes tileboard and the Polywall I found when I show half the image on the...
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