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not in the current release, unfortunately, windows tries to help you by moving apps around when a display becomes unavailable, but i do have a solution implemented for the next release. i just need to fix a bug that causes the display to freeze after running for a day or so. I've been making small improvements, adding error checking, and improving efficiency, but I still haven't squashed that tricky bug yet. I wouldnt mind letting you try it out if you want, but i...
Very nice! I've been thinking of building one also.
you still need to connect to the led no matter how the board is powered. it shouldn't matter at all if the board is powered from USB or some other 5v source, as long as the 5v is on all the time. if you try to run it from a usb port on the tv, it might lose power when the tv turns off.
It will still function as a motion sensor to turn the display on and off with motion, it just won't be able to receive commands to stay on when the now playing screen is shown.
Actually, MoviePoster doesnt automatically download motionposters at all. its a manual process. if all you want to have shown is motion posters, you could create a custom list that only contains the posters that you've saved motionposters for.
pin 11 is connected to the LED on the teensy board. i used it for debugging/testing.pin 3 isnt actually used, it was there to read the tv power status on a digital input, but instead of adding a more complicated circuit to get the proper voltages, i just used the analog input on pin 7 instead.
i dont recall. but if you read the value on an analog input, you can just compare the value read to some threshold that you set. play with it until you find a good value to use. then have your function that checks the power state return false (off) if the value read is below that threshold, or true (on) if its higher. in my code the value is the const int LED_ON_VALUE
I have my MoviePoster pc connected to my Teensy USB board over USB and use the built in USB-Serial interface to send commands from MoviePoster to the Teensy. If you look at the code sketch I attached a couple posts back, there is a function called checkForSerialControl(). which returns a string value received over the serial port. At the start of the loop I call this function and check if a known command has been received. I have commands for on (Display:ON) and off...
For those who what to try to make a motion sensor to automatically turn your screens on, this should get you started. I used a Teensy USB 2.0 board, http://www.pjrc.com/store/teensy.html a HC-SR501 PIR motion sensor module and a 5v arduino relay module. The Teensy USB boards are small, cheap and use arduino compatible code. I make use of the built in USB-Serial interface so that the MoviePoster software can control the screen, allowing the screen to always be on when the...
Lookin good!
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