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I have a Yamaha RX-V665 AVR. I had both my blu ray player and my Dish box bringing HDMI into the AVR and then using the HDMI output on the AVR to send to the HDMI1 input on my Panasonic plasma. While the connection is sometimes flakey and I have to turn some of the components off and back on to get them to talk nicely to each other it has generally worked well for a year or so. Last night I went to watch TV and while I got sound and my receiver registered input from HDMI...
Can I get the info on accessing the service menu on a Panny tc-p56s2? Thanks!
My price range is under $1K. I don't have much equipment that is HDMI compatible but I want to plan ahead to be able to handle at least a new display, camcorder, DVD burner and an extra one. I also really like to have one set of ports available in the front of the unit for quick connections to iPod, camcorder, WII, etc.
My current receiver only handles Dolby 5.1 however it seems the movie studios are split as to which audio format they are distributing Blu-ray with. I need an A/V receiver that handles DTS, Dolby 5.1 and most other formats for a mid-range price. I also have a DVD burner, display, CD player, VCR and satellite receiver connected through my current receiver. Any suggestions to take a look at? It's been a while since I looked at audio equipment.
I had the green CRT fail on my TW56X81 just weeks after I bought it in 2000. So I paid for the 5-year extended warranty. Naturally, nothing else went wrong until the warranty ran out. I figure I'm next in line for the blinking red light of death, so please let us know what the repair costs ended up being. That might be a signal that it's time to replace the unit, although I love the PQ.
I just had the same problem with my Toshiba TW56X81. The blue convergence has gone totally out of whack and cannot be fixed via the service menu convergence. It's out of warranty, so I called the closest place that can get to my home the fastest. Hopefully if it's just an IC board, it will be a quick and easy repair. I can re-do the convergence, I have the factory templates. Does anyone have an idea of the failure rate of these boards? The TV is 8 years old but still...
It does not have separate inputs, as far as I know (it's been a while since I looked at the back, I'm pretty sure it doesn't). As long as it sounds as good as current dvd's, I'll be happy. My listening space isn't ideal, and TrueHD probably won't make much difference. I've been wanting a new receiver for a while now, but am more interested in the PQ of the BD.
When it comes to Blu-Ray and some of the newer technologies, I'm a newbie. I want to buy a Blu-Ray player and have read the majority of these threads, but there is so much information here, and my set up is so old, that I just want to make sure the BD30 will work correctly with my system. I have a Toshiba TW56x81 RPTV with component video input. I plug my components directly into the TV, the receiver does not transfer HD video. I have an older AV receiver (probably...
It's good to know that at least Dish is aware of the problem. I thought it odd that the problem only seemed to happen on WCAU. WXTF (Fox) has LOADS of problems and watching the ACLS in HD was torture, but I don't watch Fox that much. I'll keep my fingers crossed that I might actually be able to watch Heroes without being distracted by the audio sync.
Does anyone else experience audio delay on every NBC HD program? I watch via Dish Network from my local (Philadelphia) DT station. It's really annoying
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