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Why are there so many 39" LCD TVs for sale? Is it cheaper to import 39" TVs instead of 40" TVs? Maybe at tariff on 40" but not 39"?
People in general are prone to suggestion. For example, jimmy kimmel recently had a video clip where his staff filmed people on the street. They were handle an iPhone 4S but told it was the new iPhone 5 (this was done before the iPhone 5 was released). Their comments on the superiority over the iPhone 4S was too funny. Some even had an iPhone 4S in their other hand. "It's faster, it's thinner, it's got a better screen, more responsive, better looking"
I would hope in the 21st century the Scientific Method would be accepted without question. But alas, it is not. A short visual explanationorA longer explanation from wikipedia
You need to read more carefully:2 day cable break-in service = equivalent of 96 hours.Their break-in service is more efficient than normal by a factor of 2 to 1. So using their super efficient break-in procedures; 1 hour of break-in is the equivalent of 2 hours doing it yourself using conventional break-in methods.
From the link provided earlier:Top 20 Logical Fallacies http://www.theskepticsguide.org/resources/logicalfallacies.aspxI think rock_bottom is referring to this fallacy.Or possibly this fallacyDisclaimer: I'm missing the incus in my right middle ear in addition to large amounts of scar tissue covering the ear drum. However, while this does effect my hearing, it does not effect my mental reasoning.
I turn 50 next month. I need to brush up on my skills learned many many years ago studying Heidegger, Camus, Descartes, and Sartre, etc.
I was referring to JN. He was asked several times to identify audio equipment that has the design issues that he claims make them susceptible to the stock cord causing audible problems. I didn't see where any audio equipment was specifically identified before the thread was locked.I would imagine that once examples of equipment were identified, JN and others could replicate the process of scientifically quantifying if an audible problem exists and then if so, switching...
One issue that is bothering me with these threads (re: interconnects, power cords, etc) is even with giving the benefit of doubt to some of the positions exposed, these positions are at best simply a hypothesis held by the individual. These positions should in no way be called a theory.I read the post and the thread quoted below and the author of the post was asked repeatedly in the thread what specific brand and models he was referring to in his many posts that had...
I'm not interested in high jacking this thread, but I read his posts and I don't see any proof that a power cord could make a difference that could be scientifically replicated. For example, a double blind test. With that I will stop my questions about power cords in this thread and move elsewhere.
As a CPA with a BS in Philosophy I appreciate your link to the discussion on the Top 20 Logical Fallacies.Last night I was trying to explain to my wife that you would not need to have an EE or be a Physicist to understand why a power cord (that was not defective) could not have an audible effect that would be detectable to the listener.I explained that a power cord supplies electrical current to the power supply for an audio amplifier.The power supply is designed to...
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