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I saw the BB Samsung 3d demo here in Beaverton, Oregon yesterday. It was a Samsung 46" lcd set with their new 3D player and some model of Samsung reciever. The picture was incredible.So much so that I don't recommend you see it because you will want it! I went home to my 50" plasma and was disapointed in it for the first time. What did not impress me was the audio. I guess if you have a 3D player with 2 hdmi outputs you could forgo the new audio reciever and run 1...
Hi, I'm the guy who stated earlier that I thought the Panasonic DMP-BD60 had a better bluray picture than the Oppo. Well, I purchased another Oppo and guess what ? The Oppo is superior in all ways! Maybe there has been a new firmware upgrade but anyway I took the 60 back to Best Buy, I highly recommend that anyone wanting the top player ever made to purchase the new Oppo BD-83!
O.K. I just bought a new PS3 160GB, a OPPO 83 ,and a Panny 60. The PS3 and oppo are almost identical on bluray picture. however the oppo kept going into slo mo mode and freezing up. After comparing picture and sound quality on bluray only! i kept the panny 60 and sent back the PS3 due to its inability to pass the new bitstream audio. However the panny 60 did freeze 1 time and i just hit play and it continued .The picture quality from bluray using the panny processor is...
i ran the new 1.7 firmware onto my panasonic bd80 and it looks great now! no noise!
ran the 1.7 firmware onto my panasonic bd80 and it looks great now!
My BD80 froze 3 different times while watching divinci code. hit the display button and the movie continued. went back over the spots where it stopped and could not duplicate it. I have the 1.5 firmware. who do call for an update?
I wonder if i got a bad disc? the video noise at times is terrible.it is the worst bluray i own.in most of the scenes where this is no digital noise it is great!
Im really surprised no one mentioned the video noise that is in different scenes. did i just get a bad disc or is this the way the film was intended to look? for me because of the noise it is the worst bluray i own.
oh yea! big difference compared to the bd 35 and 55 both which i owned previously. don't see how the audio can get much better!
could someone explain why i cant seem to turn on the x.y.c. color mode. i have the ae3000 on the color1 mode but the option stays grayed out.
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