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Yeah I'm not gonna change my mind that was terrible last night. Great casting call
Thanks everyone for the info. The house we moved into, wiring wise, is not ideal. At least not near as good as our old house in another state where I was able to run coax thru the walls and attic into each room for another OTA run. That side of the house doesn't have any windows near it, other than the sliding glass doors 10 ft away. The flat coax jumper or F81 coupler might be the best options at this point.
The house we purchased only has 1 coax line going into each room, and 2 rooms don't have any. We used to have D* for so long and then had to move to ATT because of the wireless clients for those 2 rooms. Since I live in FL we get some nasty storms here and at the house we previously rented were able to use an antenna for OTA for when one of those storms came through. I am unable to run a 2nd coax line out through the house for OTA from my AM-21. The location with the OTA...
I used to have D*, but the house we moved to doesn't have coax outlets in 2 rooms and at the time D* didn't have wireless dvr's available. Been told they still don't in my area. Anyways, PQ was better from D*. I will probably dump Uverse for D* and Xfinity internet later this year. The 1.5 mbps up is just slow with me working from home and uploading large files.
Was watching House of Lies Sunday and I hope this was just a joke. During a part of the show, there was a snipe basically in the middle of the screen against a black background that said House of Lies "time" and stayed up there for quite a few seconds. I was like are you kidding me and my wife goes "who does that?"
Does the dvr support adding an external hard drive to it? Similar to D* dvr's?
Has anyone been able to get a wireless n router for free from ATT? I was told when I moved and got wireless receivers ATT ws going to start upgrading wireless n routers within a few months. That was December last year and I saw that you have to pay for the routers on the website.
Thanks. We currently use U-verse with wireless stb's but their internet upload maxes at 1.5 mb. I want something faster and have looked at Comcast internet. When my current promotion is up I will look at getting just internet from Comcast.
Does anyone know if Comcast is working on supporting wireless receivers?
Yep, its me, mouth full of food.My wife asked me 2 days ago when Archer was coming back. Great timing on the article.
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