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Does anyone have any info on adding a device not listed in the database? I own a DVR system that is fairly new on the market & can't get any info from the Harmony forums. My device is called "Sezmi". It did come with a remote but has many unique buttons not duplicated on other devices such as a button for every family member. I have no experience adding a device from scratch. May just call Logitech as my warranty is still active. If anyone has a solution please respond....
Too bad Sony won the format war
I just took delivery of a LN37C550. Not sure what panel I have. As expected I set up the TV without opening the manual. I have 2 components connected via HDMI. I adjusted the picture settings in the menu for both inputs by eye. Am I correct in assuming the settings are saved for each input separately? Well, after I turned on the set before my DVD player was on, the screen reported no connection. I turned on the player & the handshake succeeded, however all my prior...
Thank you for your help. I missed the step of creating the ISO image.
My player is connected to the router so I receive firmware updates with ease. However, my boss has a unit in desperate need of an update. I can't find the instructions in the manual. Can anyone give me the procedure for burning the Sony file to a disc? I d/l the file & burned it to a blank DVD. The file ends in EXE. He took it home, placed it in the unit but the display says "no title" when he hits play. Did I miss something? Should I use a CD instead of DVD? Thanks in...
I'm experiencing a problem with my VSX-03 system. I have my cable DVR, Sony BR player & XBox running through the unit all via HDMI. I then feed the signal to a Mits DLP via HDMI. This setup has worked flawlessly for a year now. I recently added a new Sezmi DVR to my system. Having no more HDMI inputs, I grabbed a high quality component cable from my closet since the system maxed out at 1080i. I ran this to an unused input, set up the input to component/toslink & it...
I had to change my 550 to "direct' in one of the audio menus. That should fix it.
Pretty sure the 360 has wireless built in. I seem to recall that the 360 decodes DTS-MA like the 550 does, but you will have to verify that. Get a new player is my advice.
Before you send it in, try running the auto calibration w/mic again. Maybe your settings are corrupt. It's worth a try.
I bought my 03 for half price knowing new models were around the corner. I keep my AVR's for at least 5 years so not worried about what the new models offer. If you feel feature deprived, sell yours & buy the newer model. This is a constant cycle we all must bear in the ever changing tech world.
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