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A little off topic: If I do get both players, they will both be located in the same room. I know there is a setting to remove remote conflicts, but how do I import that feature in to my Harmony remote? Does anyone know or should I ask this in the appropriate forum?
I started the discussion as I was visiting the idea of upgrading to the newer model. As others here admitted, I copy all my discs to my NAS for instant streaming to my AV system. I do not wish to give up this ability so I am stuck with last years technology. I'm sure at one point in the future the new player's abilities will outweigh what I give up with my 93, but now is not the time.
I have a ISO 93. How common is a Cinavia-infected file?
I had that problem once a while back. All I did is reformatted on my PC & it worked fine. Give it a try.
I tried stopping & restarting. I found the go to button. Rolled it up to ch19 & pressed enter. Going on 20 minutes without a picture. I think this is an argument for retaining the physical disc. Never had a delay with those.
Help? I'm playing a MKV file from a blu ray. The display shows 23 chapters. I made the mistake of pressing the rev button to re watch a scene but the movie went to the beginning. Now I am trying to jump forward to the chapter I was at. The next button takes me to the next chapter but only after a 5 minute delay. If I press the next button more than once I get the red warning. At this rate it will take me hours to return to my previous point. This has happened before. Is...
Scrapser, did you try putting the 900 remote in device mode (cable box) & then try adjusting the volume?
Thinking of replacing my 03 with a new model. Anyone following the changes? Is there any new features that would warrant an upgrade? Using Android so not sure if they have added control for my device. What would be nice is more HDMI inputs & DLNA streaming.
Heads up; I got an email today from Comp-U-Plus selling the new Touch refurbs for $169. Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote with Color Touchscreen - Black (915-000198)**OPEN BOX . PRISTINE CONDITION** I just checked & they are OS. Might be nice buy next time they go on sale. I will try to post earlier if I get another email.
WOW! Mine is years old & doesn't look anywhere near the condition of that ONE. Next time use Tiger or Amazon.
New Posts  All Forums: