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The Show could go along without Brody, Carrie no. Claire Danes is great to watch.
Been a fan from Day one. I hope they keep it up. I remember thinking that Da Vinci was Autistic but with Social skills. Maybe the movement with the Hand that he does.
I am enjoying this Show. Unfortunately I missed the first season. The Cinematography is amazing. Back when Silence of the Lambs first came out, I got the Book first. Red Dragon was also an excellent read. I remember reading that De Laurentiis purchased the rights.
Anyone know the cost after 3 months?
Is Starz on demand ever going HD?
Great show, again. Jon Voight owns that part. I am looking forward to round 2 of Ray Ray
Maybe the series went on for 1 or 2 extra seasons when it didn't have to. Seasons 6 was a let down with Hanks and wasted talent all over the place. Season 7 was much better but the damage was done. I like the first half+ of season 8, every episode was very good. When it came to the end they were all over the place. I wasn't surprised Debra died, it was going to be either Harrison, Dexter or Debra. Sure they could have done many things different. It will still be one of my...
Great show, One thing I'm guessing Ray doesn't get killed. Unless they plan on changing the name. Terry Donavan? The Avi show, I think not. Liv, Jon Voight really are nailing it.
Well we got our CBS/ Showtime about two weeks back. Up to date. I will have to go over some of the threads on Dexter. What do I think about the Season, I don't really know I'm on the fence. One thing is for sure it's coming to an end.
What a coincidence. I haven't bought a modem yet, so it's like a $5 credit.
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