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Haven't been on thed site in a while and I'm posting from my droid. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and has a Happy New Year. Has Flash Forward been cancelled?
RIP ....Billy Mays
Moved from Charleston back to Jax in February. WCSC has been the cutting edge leader in Charleston in regards to all aspects of HD. First to do the local news in HD, strongest signal etc.
I guess this is OT for this thread but...Do they really expect to sell THAT many Beatles : Rock Band games? Im 38 and and i couldnt care less about the Beatles...how is this going to be received by kids and adults from age 10 to 25...
Iron Maiden? I'm SOLD!!!
Does someone here have info on how many more episodes of "The Tudors" are left this season? TIA
Its certainly not anything that FOX has done wrong. The Digger character is right up their alley. I agree that its way too much for my liking though. The problem is the product on the track. Too many cars owned by just 1 person or group. Too many driver/number/owner changes. When you get right down to it, anything to do with the "automotive" industry also leaves a bad taste in viewers mouths.
Its the one new show of next season that caught my eye and i believe youre right.
Did i miss a final decision on the fate of "Life"? They will probably cancel it. I may boycott NBC.
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