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Not the same, but similar, I would use the one that is for the Vip glasses. Just shoot me a PM with email.
I'm on a PC. Don't know about mac but I would assume so.
If anyone is in need of the instructions, or the software utility for the Vip RF Glasses PM me with an email, and I will send it off to you. Its too large too post here. The software utility allows fine adjustments further than the joystick if its needed.
Hey all, If anyone needs the instructions for the RF Glasses I have them but they are too large to post here. PM Me with an email and I will send it off as soon as possible. I also have the software utility for Fine adjustment of the RF glasses, to be used if the settings of the unit using the joystiq come close, but you need a bit more fine tuning. I do not have the RF glasses as of yet, but should be getting them next week. Adjustments in the software...
Yea, thats what I meant! Not enough Coffee yet! Thanks
For you I would say Just getting one of the Panny Blu ray players with Dual Output would solve the problem quickly and not a bad player as well. My top pick would be getting an OppoBDP-93, with your equipment you would probably be happier with that. AFAIK, right now the PS3 does not do HD audio with 3D, someone correct me if i'm wrong. Hope that helps.
We need to know more about your hookup, sounds like a setting is not right, what kind of glasses are you using?I do not have the displayer, I have the Theatre, and on some dlp's I got color shift until I reversed the polarity on my glasses , then everything was just fine!
Make sure you are powering the theatre off, after changing Dip settings as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by ambesolman I want to get something to split the signal from my 3d bluray player to send 3d video to the tv and hd audio to my 1.3 receiver. What would I need? Try this link........ http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...seq=1&format=2 Have you attempted to just run it thru the receiver and see what happens? You should do that first, Don't just assume it won't work before you buy any splitter. If you did sorry just...
On the topic of returning your product, speak to Jay at Cosignia and Jonathan said he would try to contact him today and waive any restocking fee! Or just send jonathan an email thru 3D-vip.com and he will take care of you. On the topic of The new products, All I can say at the moment is that they will have a solution available for Displays that may have an issue with the Theatre, in terms of unexpected Ghosting, that may occur in some particular devices. This solution of...
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