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There doesn't seem to be much discussion on the Theater Ten's. Is there another thread for those (that I can't seem to find) or is this the right place?
Is there any pics of the turbo 212 with the grills? Am I missing it on the website?
Thanks for the link to the QNAP's. Those are pretty nice, but seem pricey for the nicer models with more horsepower. I was considering a nice Synology and maybe a mac mini as a plex client/server for the main room, and then running Roku/Plex or Chromecasts for the rest of the TV's around. But that solution might be just as much as the QNAP.
I saw mention that there's a new XIOS coming out. when is that suppose to be and how do we know the difference between the new one and the old one? They'll both be called XIOS?
Mark, thanks for the thoughts. Been doing some more reading and I might be interested in a cheaper Synology NAS and then a Mac mini or Intel NUC for a Plex server/client that sits hooked up to the living room TV. Maybe that gets me the best of both worlds. I'm trying to keep it simple. We don't have a lot of media and I don't want to get caught up into building these huge, monsterous PC to support my pretty basic needs.
Hi all, I currently have a HP MediaSmart server which I'm having some trouble with. I think I need to start looking for a replacement and I'm having some trouble digesting all of this. I hope this post isn't too rambly, but I hope its good enough to bring some comments or suggestions. My first priority is a place to store, safely, with some sort of redundancy, music, movies, photos, etc. I like in WHS that I was able to chose which folders were duplicated. I'd also...
If you guys had to guess, will we see the Chromecast be able to stream local content before too long?
With the NXG being rear ported, would that be an issue throwing that into a corner fairly close up to a wall?
I'll have to check those out. What's the cheapest way to get into a decent plex server? Maybe a Dell i3 slim PC from the outlet for $300-$400?
Sounds like most solutions require Plex Media server. I guess I need to look into getting a desktop for those duties. Hoping not to start a huge war, what would be the benefits to going with a ATV3 running Plexconnect over a Roku running Plex? Assuming we don't reply on iTunes for any of our media. I have to admit I've always been intrigued by the ATVs, but don't know alot about them. And I hear a lot of good things about the Roku's.
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