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You've got a knack for finding the right bits of the log and stack traces, hehe. As a long-shot, you might try deleting the scan1312FBA2-0.txt file and any other similarly named files. But I don't hold out too much hope because, as Terry says, that new format looks pretty skimpy on details, and your earlier bit of stack trace suggests it's looking for some numbers that just aren't there. If we see a way that this might be made to work, we could add the feature. If we...
Yeah, Java, Shockwave, Flash, etc, etc. But it bugs me he never says the same thing about the dot net framework. It's basically the same thing as Java...a runtime engine that's not required to run Windows. The only difference is that Windows Update will try to push a new copy on you if you delete it. But dot net is always getting exploited, and I've removed it, and I just keep my Java up to date. But I digress.I wouldn't say it's Java's fault. It's probably just that...
Well, the Windows API is just taking milliseconds from now, so it's oblivious. The Java Calendar and/or Java Date is out of whack with the start date time string that's passed in.--Dale--
Code: * BOOL WINAPI SetWaitableTimer( * __in HANDLE hTimer, * __in const LARGE_INTEGER* pDueTime, * __in LONG lPeriod, * __in_opt PTIMERAPCROUTINE pfnCompletionRoutine, * __in_opt LPVOID lpArgToCompletionRoutine, * __in BOOL fResume * );...where pDueTime is ms from now.When a request comes in from the main part of the program for a recording event, an instance of a Calendar object...
It's in the screen shot, but 192.168.n.n is not routable. Reception is same as usual here. Did a 3 minute recording and got no tsmiss (which are the things you see).
If you called Microsoft and said your machine quit working after an update, they would probably suggest you run systemsweeper. They were running into situation where a rootkit was causing the updates to fail (and you couldn't "undo" the update either). Not saying it's likely both machines have the same infestation, but it's possible.
Anyone ever contact Dekueku, the author of CapDVHS? I sent an email to the address in the readme, but sending emails to addresses in old readme files have had a pretty bad track record for me. --Dale--
Here are a few suggestions you can try:Install the latest Java (you should be up to the minute on your Java version anyway, to remove vulnerabilities)Make sure you are only trying to run one copy of cwhelper.exe. In normal situations, the second cwhelper.exe will just stop running, but something about your system might cause it to fail differently, and so have multiple cwhelpers that stay running.Make sure that your firewall allows cwhelper.exe to reach localhost...
I would be interested in seeing just a hundred or so lines of that. I suspect it's repetitive.That makes sense.The code is written in Java and is packaged with Jar2Exe Wizard 1.8 (http://www.regexlab.com/en/jar2exe/). I have had no indication that the packager does anything "bad", but that's not to say someone, somewhere didn't use it to package something bad, and get it on the bad-boy list in the eyes of Norton. --Dale--
How sure are you that "D:" was ready/willing/able to lay down that track at that time? USB drive that maybe didn't show up on that one system startup? That would be my guess. We try, at capture schedule time, to verify that the drive exists and is writable, but if between capture schedule time and capture start time something happens where that drive can't be written to, well, this is the error you would see. --Dale--
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