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Pink Floyd said it best: Is there anybody out there? Our thread has the dreaded "old thread warning". I prefer the term "mature thread", personally. Purpose of post: Don't want to make work for Tim, or anything, but is there anything in the mechanics of recording that's bugging anyone? I might not be able to do anything about it, but I realize I'm not running every use-case in the book so might not be seeing things that are annoying. Or maybe, dare I say it, it's...
Quote: Originally Posted by KAXKID looks like there's a fair number of voters that don't know about cw_epg. how can that be??????? Must be folks that know what HDHR is, but, for whatever reason, never found out about us. When you make a poll, it's got to be in a new thread, so the poll was good exposure. Maybe we'll pick-up our 4th and 5th regular user --Dale--
Quote: Originally Posted by jimwhite You only need multiple antennas, of course, if you're pointing them in different directions. Otherwise a splitter (and maybe an amp ahead of it) will do fine with a single antenna. True enough. But some of us have towers in all directions.
I guess it wasn't clear, so I clarified what I meant over in the poll... The number of cable connections wasn't what I was going for... it was the number of antennas I was curious about; those tend to be harder to prioritize, especially if you have a lot of antennas. --Dale--
You are very perceptive.
Do you use your HDHomerun unit with an antenna (OTA - Over The Air) or cable? EDIT: The questions with the word "antenna" should have included "any number of cable connections plus..." I was just looking for the number of antennas connected; the number of cable connections wasn't of particular interest to me. You can put comments or questions in the main thread if you wish: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...7#post19919147
Just curious about how people are using their HD Home Run units. I have two, 2 input HDHR's and have literally 4 antennas (two outside and two in the attic). I was wondering if anyone else had multiple antennas connected to their HDHR's, or if most folks had cable connected. Here's a poll I set-up http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...9#post19919159 --Dale--
I remember watching my Dad take the back off the TV, pull out a bunch of tubes, take them to the drug store tube tester. This seemed to have gone on for years before getting sent to bed just as Star Trek was being aired. In other words, our color set was at least a few years old when Star Trek (1966-1969) was airing. And I remember that most shows were in black and white, and it was a big deal when Disney came on, because that was in color. So in my memory, getting...
Quote: Originally Posted by W4DXL Has anyone messed around with the new TiVo? I am interested in the OTR performance. I'd like to stay with over the air TV rather than cable or satellite. You can "Tivo" using your computer. You start with something like the HD HomeRun from SiliconDust for $79 plus CW_EPG free software. You add $20/yr to pay Schedules Direct (a non-profit company) for reliable programming data downloads. That makes a pretty...
I saw the discussion about doing a MyHD registry hack to set the lead time for MyHD recordings. So the problem you're trying to resolve is that under normal conditions, your LAN is not available if the MyHD lead time is default. But do you really need the LAN for MyHD recordings? Or maybe you're thinking you need MyHD to wake your machine? If that's what you were thinking, then you're in for a treat....CW_EPG will handle waking your machine, no matter what tuner your...
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