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Me too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Morpheus_Rising Is there a simple way to do this? I'm not sure this will work for you, but you can give it a shot. I know the titan-tv part will not work, since they've changed a lot since this app was written (and pretty much abandoned). But the basic mcl file handling should still work. There's not much in the way of instruction, and if you play with it for 10 minutes, you'll know more about it than I can...
Agreed! Marketing people: can't live with 'em, CAN live without 'em. --Dale--
I got one a long time ago and another one a few weeks ago. The packaging has changed, but the unit certainly doesn't look or act any different, that I can tell. Edit: 1012xxxx & lower = revision 1 1013xxxx & higher = revision 2 Mine are 1010 and 1013, so I DO have an old and new one. The new one is temporarily installed with a couple of UHF loop antennas. Even in the basement, it's getting quite a few channels, but at the moment I have no way to compare apples-to-apples.
My "solution" has been to page through the schedule on TitanTV, but this is slow because there's only so many repeats and junk I wouldn't consider watching. Another thing that came to mind was that you can remove channels from your lineup in SchedulesDirect if you neverever will use that channel. I think I understand your thinking/reasoning about finding unique/new programs. This would be an easy stand-alone program to write, if you were a ShedulesDirect/CW_EPG user...
Tom, I agree with Terry; if you ignore the root cause, you very likely will have other more serious issues later (i.e. like the machine won't boot). If you fail to backup your drive and it finally won't boot, SpinRite ($79 for the download) would likely get you going again. If it doesn't, you can get a refund. Or if you just run SpinRite now, it would tell you how many sectors it had to fix or if there were any unrecoverable ones. Short of that, you could look at the...
This card is not your typical capture board, as you have discovered. I have both used both NVE and WMM, but they can't access the MyHD driver. When I asked this same question (many years ago), I was told by the main dude here to save myself a headache and buy a cheap capture board, which I did. And I use NVE and WMM with it, no problem. It was like $20. So although there are a few folks that have done analog recording with the MyHD, it is very few (and I'm not one of...
Maybe this would or wouldn't work, but if you have a programmable remote, you could put all of that under one button. I bet you could buy 5 remotes for the cost of the circuit board mod! And you wouldn't void your warranty (yeah, it's out of warranty...you wouldn't even think of getting the soldering iron to your brand-new TV!). But yeah, being a "software guy", that's what I'd try first: get a programmable remote. --Dale--
18.1 (program 3) has several audio options (eng, spa, fre), 18.2 (program 4) has one audio option (spa). But as you noted, the two are the same resolution and bitrate. I would bet if they broadcast a show that came with both Spanish and English audio, you would notice right away what the difference between the two channels was. --Dale--
Before you start editing, go to windows explorer and look at the file create and file modified times. They are usually accurate, whereas the calculation of minutes can be off. --Dale--
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