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Incorrect. The DVR fee went up from $8 to $10 (for any DVR) earlier this year. The HD fee is $10, and the Whole Home fee is $3. All of these are per account, not DVR.It's not necessarily about volume, but conflicts. I often have more than 2 things to record at a time, and there were a couple of Sunday's last Fall when I actually had more than 5.
I'd still go with option #1
The monthly fees are the same regardless of whether it's leased or owned.
Nice job Masker, nice to see something other than a lowboy.
Theater gear is in my signature.
Are you responding to something terps? What is not a great option? Follow suit with what?
I believe it's $20 per month remaining on your contract. For you, that would be about $180. BTW, we get terrible storms here in Texas and I rarely lose signal and when I do it's only for 5 minutes or so. I don't deal with Snow, but I know many people in the Northern climates that have ways of getting the snow off the dish that helps (long broom, etc.). It also helps if your dish is easily accessible.
Sure, you can try that. They might not oblige and if it's a replacement for a dying DVR, they might just ship one too, so you have no tech to call.
1. You can call and get a replacement DVR, but there's no guarantee what model it will be (other than the HR34). It might be an HR24, it might be another HR23 (or HR21 or HR20), and it might also be a used/refurbed unit. Replacing a defective receiver with another like receiver does not start a new 2 year commitment. 2. If you don't have a SWiM setup, than the HR34 will not work without it. If you order an HR34, they'll connect everything you need to get it working,...
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