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My wife and I, are thoroughly enjoying our new 65VT50. So far, we haven't experienced any issues/problems with it. We sit approximately 14.5 feet from the set and the Panny 3D glasses work perfectly. We've had some guests over and they're completely dazzled, when I put on a 3D movie. Now settled in, I'm going to explore the world of bias lighting. Being in a totally dark room has it's advantages. But, I feel, there is a need for some bias lighting behind the Panny. ...
I've finally finished my new HT setup. I broke in my Panny 65VT50, with D's slides. At some point, I'll (hopefully) have D calibrate my set. As far as I know, my Panny is free of any defects. Everything works, as it should. I am very impressed, with the Panny's build quality and image quality. I'm alternating between a Custom setting and the THX Cinema setting. So far, I like what I see. I've had DirecTV service since 1995 and have no plans on changing vendors. ...
If anyone is interested in participating, I've started the VT50 Settings Thread. Someone had to do it ... Al ..
I'll be receiving my Panny VT50, next week. So ... I figured, a VT50 settings thread wouldn't hurt.
Most likely. I'll be receiving my 65VT50, sometime next week. My "plan of attack", will be to run the slides, per D's instructions. After that, I was thinking, of placing the set in Custom, then running the Disney WOW disc. I plan (in the future), to have the set calibrated. But, for now, without any "ballpark" settings, I'm not sure on how I should proceed, in getting a quality picture. Or, maybe, just use one the THX presets. This may sound unsettling to some...
An update .. My 65VT50 purchase, via EPP was shipped out on 05/07. Factor in 7-10 days. Shipped out of Anaheim, CA.
Funny story .. Yesterday, the UPS truck pulls into our driveway. My wife looks at me and says "I think the TV has arrived". She runs downstairs, opens the garage doors, starts talking with the Brown guy. "Do you have a Panasonic delivery for us??". "Yes, ma'am". My wife gives me a thumbs up sign. The UPS driver promptly hands her a small box, from Panasonic. IT'S OFFICIAL .. OUR FREE SKYPE CAMERA HAS ARRIVED. Good deal. Al ..
I just placed my order, for the 65VT50, via EPP. A very attractive price. At this time, It's the lowest price I've found. This will replace my vintage 1995 50" rear projector Mitsu. One of the our lawn guys will gladly take this set. I've come to the conclusion, that the Mitsu will never die. Should be interesting. Al ..
I'm trying to decide, between these two models. The S1 is 1080, the G1 is 720. I'm leaning towards the G1. This tv will be connected to Directv, in the bedroom. This is the largest size, we can fit. Any opinions?? Thanks .. Al ..
Searching for HT seating, is a very frustrating process. Most of the high end HT seating companies either work directly with HT designers, or HT builders. From my experience, most HT theater builders expect you to "order from a book". I would never order a chair, from a book. Any chair should be thoroughly road tested. On rare ocassions, you'll find some HT seats, in a high end audio/video store. I live in the NYC area and I found only a couple of locations, that...
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