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I just recently became aware of the Onkyo issue with the PS3. I get the infamous flickering when I try navigate some of the menus and use the media player to watch HD movies stored on my network. I recently upgraded my TV, so I previously didn't have 1080p/24 support. Now that I do, the problem shows up about 1/3 of the time. Onkyo said they would extend my warranty, which is great, but the service center told me if I dropped it off, they would need 3 WEEKS? Seems...
I have a new laptop without a dedicated sound addon. My desktop PC, that I may get rid of at some point, has very nice Logitech G51 5.1 surround speakers. These connect directly to my Soundblaster X-fi card using the 4 phono plugs in the back (FR/FL, RR/RL, Center/Sub, Mic). Is there a good solution to add a sound card (either ExpressCard slot or USB) so I would be able to connect the laptop to this sound system if I wanted to, keeping in mind the speakers use the...
I am using my PS3 through HDMI, to an Onkyo receiver to my TV). Everything works fine (blu-ray, etc), EXCEPT when I click on my computer's MEDIA SERVER for video, I get intermittent flashing white lines on the screen. They go away if I directly connect the HDMI to the TV, and I've tried multiple cables. It only happens when I am connected through the receiver, and only in the media server menus! I can't figure out what would be different through the HDMI cable that...
Anyone else having this issue in PS3 or know what it is? I can play Blu-Ray discs fine, but when I open up Video->TVersity (or any DNLA/UPnP server), I occasionally see white flashing lines, or sometimes even some digital 'snow' on the screen. I switched HDMI cables to no effect. I just can't figure out why this is only happening when I am accessing a media server and not blu ray or gaming. Thanks.
I have an FD-111, I can get HD files streaming without a problem through TVersity and PS3 Media Server, but the one thing I cannot do, which is a huge problem, is to PAUSE the video. Is there some way to do this? The TV refuses to pause, "operations are disabled". Any way to fix. It would be perfect, not having to flip on the PS3 for video. Thanks.
Still, at least they need to fix the problem in the overscan area.
That 'fuzz' on the bottom of the screen is quite annoying. It is constantly blinking on and off. Are they going to fix that? Also, so far, this is not HD, they've just expanded the screen to put more stuff on it. The live reporting is in a SMALLER window taking up LESS space on my screen. That's not the point of HD. FILL MY SCREEN! So far, I prefer the SD version.
There are also scan lines on the bottom of the screen. I could stretch to hide them, but I like to leave my set in the dot-by-dot mode. I hope they fix.
Same here, Cablevision. Looks like they fixed it (at least they better in time for 24). Was it local WNYW thing or more widespread?
Just got CNN HD recently, and am very disappointed they did not carry the launch in HD? What happened?
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