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I'm getting a strong signal here in the southwest corner of Kirksville. Looks okay. Just showing SD programming right now, so I'll be interested in the picture of some HD programming.(I do have two antenna's joined together with a preamp, but that's really for my failed attempt at getting a reliable signal from Hannibal/Quincy. My smaller UHF only antenna is pointed towards KTVO/KYOU. I was never able to get 15-1 previously, so this is working quite well right now.)
This definitely would be good! I'm not adept at reading those applications. Does this present any time frame for when this might actually happen?
I've not tried that specific antenna, but I have never been able to get KYOU reliably (other than the analog 34). I've used an outdoor antenna with a nice preamp and was never able to reliably get KYOU-DT. My preamp went out a while back. Without that I have no chance. Before the preamp was out, I could get WGEM pretty reliably and they have a FOX subchannel, but it was still SD. I still have a nice outdoor antenna, but I use it just for KTVO 33.1 and 33.2 right...
"KTVO TV will create a new digital television station affiliated with the CBS TV to serve the Ottumwa IA/Kirksville MO viewing area. The announcement was made jointly today (Monday) by Chris Cornelius, President and Chief Operating Officer of Barrington Broadcasting Group LLC, owner of KTVO, and Diana Wilkin, President, CBS Affiliate Relations. The new station, called KTVO CBS 3.2, will commence operations at 7:00 a.m. Saturday, May 15. It will be available free...
I have never been able to get a signal from KYOU-DT since the DTV transition. As a matter of fact, it appears that their own DTV box that is rebroadcasting out on analog 34 drops the signal often as well. Anybody know if they plan to fix this or just drop the whole LPTV station in Kirksville? I have friends that are stuck and can't watch any FOX programming because they have HD receivers with D* which can't tune analog. The decisionmark site for testing DNS...
For anyone who has tried DLNA with this TV, what is the best format and server for media files--especially video? I'd really like to archive my somewhat small media collection (
Well, as stated in an earlier post, I placed my order on May 7. It shipped May 8 and was in St. Louis (about a 3 1/2 drive away) by Monday 11. Guaranteed arrival was May 15, but it has been sitting in STL ever since. Unfortunately, we received a call from the delivery trucking company just yesterday that they are only in my area every other Monday! The earliest delivery date they could give me is May 26 (on a Tuesday due to the holiday). I couldn't believe...
I'm wondering about this mount. It definitely looks inexpensive, but seems to have good reviews. Plus, monoprice is a forum sponsor.http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...=2#description Any comments?
PM Sent. Mods, do we need to move these types of posts to another thread? I don't want to clog up this one and I certainly don't want to violate any policies by posting the information.
I sent you a PM. I think the main thing with price of any technology is to be comfortable with what you are paying and that you are getting a good deal -- then, don't ever look again--unless you have price protection for a limited number of days. Be satisfied with the deal you are getting, then move on and enjoy it!
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