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So is the Audyssey Pro compatibility of Onkyo PR-SC5508 finally official???? Michaelmorio
I thought Anthem has been using its own DPS chips. But the DPS the picture shows is made by Texas Instruments. Is this a new move of Anthem for these new receivers? What about D2v? Michaelmorio
Welwinnick, Thank you for your posts. Will I see your reviews on the Anthem A5 and the Emo XPA-5 soon? Thanks! Michaelmorio
Could you elaborate more on the comparison of those amps? I am curious about your findings. I am particulary interested in the comparison between the Anthem A5 and the Emo XPA 5. Thanks. Michaelmorio
Let me ask you a question. If we think about the cost performance of ARC and Audyssey Pro which one has advantage? If I am not wrong Audyssey Pro adds extra cost compared to ARC. It adds $150 or so "unit registration fee" to use Audyssey Pro calibration and $300-$400 or so for "actual calibration" by a professional calibrator. So the added cost is like $450-$550. At the same time ARC can be used by anyone without such cost if you are willing to learn how to work the...
Anhexeom, I don't own any the TX-NR 3007. But I own an older gen Onkyo receiver. I can tell you all what you described is not normal at all. Try running the Audyssey again to see if it can change the center speaker issue. It might fix other issues. But it problly will not. You might want to unplug the receiver for a while and plug it back and turn it on. Otherwise, you may need to call Onkyo for service. Michaelmorio
Kurny, Let us know how your set up sound when you are done with putting speakers together. Michaelmorio
I don't believe so. I use a pair of STS in a small room like 12 x 14 or so. When I play loud (close to the reference level, but depending on what CD, DVD or Blue ray I am playing) the subs in the STS starts having a trouble (cabinet resonance/vibration) at around 2/3 setting on the sub volume on the speakers. My JL112 saves the STS there. Your room is much much bigger. I assume you play fairly loud to fill the room up. You will most likely have a trouble with bass. My...
NTRAIN6943, Do you have a link(s) to the information regarding the UPA-7 having better s/n ration and lower THD than the XPA series? Curios. Michaelmorio
JDC115 and CWT, Thank you for your feedback. I read the poping sound issue and the insufficient processing power of the NADs. I didn't see many comments on the T175HD which I am particularly interested in. Does the M15HD use the same audio chip as the T175HD? If so it may suffer from the same problem. I guess the audio chip in the T175 uses 2 x 32bit processors. It's hard to believe it has such limitations. The Integra DHC 80.1 uses 3 x 32 bit processors and it...
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