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Kris, Thank you for being the first to respond. My assumption come from talking to a couple of dealers who deal both the Integra and NAD products. Also it come from my reading of others comments. There is a good amount of comments and reviews on the Integra. By the way where can I read your review on the Integra? I have not been able to locate any good review on the T175HD. That's the problem actually. Provided the NAD has the Sigma's VXP video processor which is...
Anyone??? Michaelmorio
If this has been discussed in depth I will apologize for bringing it back again. But I would like to hear your opinion as to which one, Integra DHC 80.1 or NAD T175HD is better over all. There is a great thread about the Integra. But what I can find out the NAD is very limited. My assumption, without listening to either of them, is as follows: 1. Sound Quality 1.1. SQ over HDMI connection is almost the same and the difference, if there is any, is...
It's supposed to be a input connector I am hoping the Onkyo 5007 has on it. I talked to a tech service person at Audyssey today and asked him if the Onkyo can work with the Audyssey Sound EQ unit. I know the Onkyo 5007 has a built-in Audyseey MultiEQ XT and it should do a good job on its own. But with the Audyssey Sound EQ unit together with Pro Installer Kit, it can do things built-in Audyssey can't do. That's what I am interested in. According to the tech service rep,...
Does anyone know if the 5007 (or even 3007 and 1007) have something called a "Processor Link"? It is a link (connector) needed to connect the Audyssey Sound EQ processor (the bottome of their processor line sells for $2,500) to work with. If the Onkyo has that link it can be calibrated with the Audyssey Pro Installor's Kit with their EQ processor. I hope the Onkyo has it. I know the Onkyo Pro5507 has it. Michaelmorio
Greygoos2004, Thank you for your feedback. Do you mean you are setting 64 db as the reference point which should be around 75db or so, isn't it? So with the Emos you gained like 10 db. That's a lot. What amps did you use before the Emos? Also, how efficient are your speakers? Michaelmorio
Sigh, Thank you for your feedback. When no one is around, I play Blue Man Group at +5 (I could go up to +10 but it's too loud in my room) Michaelmorio
Audioguy, Thanks for being the first to respond. Which pre/pro do you use? Michaelmorio
Hello, I would appreciate a feedback from someone using Emotiva amps with Integra Pre/Pro. I heard Integra's output level volume is too low. Is this the case? I am currently using Onkyo 805 receiver with Emo's XPA-3. Emo is driving 3 frontal speakers and Onkyo driving side and rear surrounds. I don't feel Emo is underfed by the receiver. What is your experience? Thank you. Michaelmorio
Never mind, I have just found it. Sorry I should have researched more... The answer is "Yes". DTR 80.1 has the Audyseey Pro option. Michaelmorio
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