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I only own one, along with a Maggie Center Channel. I did not say I could actually find it.
Random thought. I have an old Maggie ICBM & am wondering if I could incorporate that into managing the Tri-Center. I have long forgotten any of its crossover frequencies.
Going to be helping a friend with a 1.7 , Tri Center HT config here in the near future so I will be stopping in. No AV Preamps or Amps have yet been chosen. Still trying to determine if I qualify for a discount on Emotiva's XMC-1 but that seems to be somewhat of a mess & a different subject entirely. If I have my say this setup will have DRC.
Stevepow, You are feeding 2 Zones from a single analog output from the 105, correct? Tell me more. what am I not understanding? I could easily play his 6 channels at once like this, but control of what zones are on via Ipad is my end goal.
Each "Zone" would utilize it's own Digital input, zone 1= coax, zone 2=optical , zone 3= USB. Easy enough. 6 channels of amplification is not a problem. How to keep all 3 zones from playing simultaneously without a visit to the equipment closet is escaping me. A really nice 2 channel with an Aton DLA4 could be a possibility? While this would have the ability to play all zones at once, which people always claim they must have, it has been my experience that in real life it...
This may be the best solution for my conundrum. Any newer competing products?
Think page 78 of the manual shoots me down. Ouch.
The way I was thinking of setting up the system I proposed above would require the 105 to have to have 3 separate analog outputs. I realize that Front RT, Front LT on the surround sound can be set to down mix into stereo. This leaves the 2 Stereo Balanced & Unbalanced analog outs. Is this a choice on the remote & on the remote app? I need to be able to "toggle" between these 2 & do not want each to be active simultaneously. Seeking to have 3 separate 2 channel Zones &...
This is fresh from Jin Pi of Oppo. He helped me with a project ages ago. "The current implementation of the iOS and Android remote controls emulate the standard IR commands of the player. So you will need to press the INPUT button then:   a)      1-8 to switch between the available inputs, with the number representing the location of the input on the drop down box. For example, 1 is “Blu-ray” and 2 is “HDMI In Front”. b)      UP or DOWN to highlight the input then ENTER...
Thanks Bob, "you would have to do that the same way you would with the normal remote". Not quite understanding this. The option will show up on the screen just no macro option? A rather interesting friend has the odd situation of 3 separate two channel zones. My plan is to utilize the different inputs of 14,15,16 for him to keep control. Note: only 2 zones will have video displays.
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