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gary, what about 44.1 (5.1 5.2)? maybe your antenna is too big? i dunno. i recieve all of 'em with a small antenna i got from radio shack on washington. i'm around 6th and jefferson, but then again i have a line of sight. try aiming it away from the city, believe it or not, it actually worked for me when i lived on Garden st.
hoboken, nj. i have a great view of the esb. 2.1(56)-100%, 5.1/2(44)-100%, 11.1/2(12)-95%, 13.1/2/3(61)-98%. now, wliw-dt22, for some reason, wont register when i try to add it to my channel list. during the day it comes in at 30%, but after 11pm it comes in at around 80%. i'm using a sony sat-hd100 with a radio shack vu190 or vu120. can't remember exactly, but its pretty big. no preamp, no amp. btw, its not like i hate the mets or anything, its just that the other nyc...
finally, a real ota only nyc thread! no more stupid mets schedules, please.
btw, i also lost cbs during the storm,...0%. fox came in fine though.
no wonder! i'm on the west side of the city. Hoboken. late at night i get a signal strength of 65-80%. when i try to add it to my channel list, it wont register. i'm using a sony sat-hd100. never knew the problem was on their side! i thought it was me! during the day it comes in at 10-20%. i get 12.1 at 92%, but don't watch anything on WB. is there a fix in the works for the sony/zenith issue?
i get between 20%-40% here in hudson county, nj. at 4am it comes in at 80%. i'm using a sat-hd100 with the radio shack 190. when i scan at 4am, it wont lock in, but i never tried to just punch in 22.1. i have feelingit'll just say, "station not available".
same thing with us Directv customers. we've been getting glithches on hbohd only all weekend.
wpix should go back to uhf soon anyway, so i would'nt sweat the vhf. nbc,...who knows. abc went from may 1st to september 1st. i think they're just being conservative with the date. i've got a strong feeling we'll be seeing Monday Night Football in HD here in NYC/NJ.
BRESP,...Bravo Espaniol? sounds like it to me. now, BRVHD sounds more like it.
when i listen real carefully, i can hear sort of a "crackling" sound in the audio for 5-1 that was'nt there before sunday. i've been watching Simpsons on the directv 5 which does'nt do it for me. btw, Nets game looked nice last night on 198.
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